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Extremely Premature

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Extremely Premature

Postby PebblesUK » Tue Jan 02, 2007 1:57 pm


Has any one else had a very premature baby or know any one who may be able to help me?

Ellie was born on the 11 December at 26 + 4 weeks. I'm finding things really difficult at the moment. She is doing well considering her prematurity but we are still a long way from being "out of the woods".

Every day I wake up not knowing if our little girl will make it through the day. The two ladies I shared the ward with both lost their babies within 24 hours of each other (they were 25 week babies), they both developed nec. Ellie got this a few days after and it was awful. She surprised all the doctors and recovered from it.

She has been nil by mouth since Friday due to a very distended belly but today they are going to reintroduce her feeds at 1ml every 4 hours. She lost 50g over the weekend which is quite a lot as she only weighed 890g at birth. But she has put on 30g of that so things are looking up.

She definately seems to be a little fighter but it's just so hard as things can change in a matter of moments. I am treasuring every day we have with her and I'm not being pesimistic just realistic. People around me don't understand (and they wouldn't), they seem to think that every day she will get stronger but that's not the case with premature babies.

I can't talk about her without crying that's why I'm asking via the computer. You can't see or hear the tears! I'm sure there's a support group locally to me but I'm not ready to talk. I am still in shock that she is here already and also the speed in which it all happened.

Any tips on how to cope with these days would be mostly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Postby JustinesBaby » Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:07 pm

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Postby Mel_P » Sat Jan 13, 2007 10:53 am


My heart goes out to you and your fighting little girl. I cant even begin to imagine the hardship your going through. I have both you and your little girl in my prayers. You were so good to me and took the time to put my mind at ease, with what were such silly little worries when I was pregnant and now my heart really goes out to you both now with what must be a very intense and difficult time. I will hope and pray for you that every day Ellie gets a little stronger and stays well.

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