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Postby Sandra » Mon Sep 09, 2002 8:08 pm

I am worried now in case your not the same Wendy and my brain has gone already.<br><br>Are you the Wendy who Mr Wales tried to upset about being positive and who had a go along with Tee, myself and a lot of others at the Journalist who wanted to know about how the IVF affected relationships and XXX and what we did to try to get preggers (that was an exellent posting).<br><br>I am the Sandra who lost the Twins in December last year.<br><br>Anyway, if I have got the wrong Wendy I am sorry, but hello I am Sandra!<br><br>Keep in touch.<br><br>Sandra (the old one from the old site)
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Postby Wendy » Thu Sep 12, 2002 4:10 pm

Hiya, no Mr Wales didn't upset me, that was someone else, but I was around at the time and had a few words to say about the journalist ! Its so difficult to keep track of everyone...Anyway we are here now!<br>Hope everyones well. I had an attack of dizziness the other day, it was quite worrying as it woke me up at 5am - dizzy when lying down ?? well it continued, I had it in my head it was lack of iron (I've not been told to take supplements) as I did nutrition as a student (a long time a go now !) and was absolutely convinced, so I went and got some iron supplements and took one. I was still dizzy late in the afternoon so phoned the dr at the hospital, could only speak to the secretary, but she called back saying he'd written me a prescription - I hurried down thinking it would be for iron, but it was pills for nausea (???) and hypo tension. By the evening I was feeling fine and I couldn't take the hypo tension stuff till the morning, but I was absolutely fine the next day, so i'm not taking the prescribed stuff and just sticking with my iron. My question is.... Is anyone else taking iron supplements ?, my mum says it was standard practice in her day - i'm in france and things are definately different here, but i'd be interested to know about others 'dizzy' episodes and cures etc Also, how long has everyone taken folic acid for ? I've been on it now for 7yrs !!!! so i don't suppose taking it till babies arrived will hurt. love to all Wendy B xxx
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Postby Sarah R » Sat Sep 14, 2002 11:39 am

Hi Wendy,<br><br>I've been on Pregaday, which is an Iron supplement. It did wonders for getting rid of the dizzy spells, but makes your poo a bit unpleasant (sorry to be graphic, but not long now and we'll all be obsessed with infant poo). Am also taking the sanatogen pregnancy multi-vitamin.<br><br>I remember all the incidents Sandra refers to - we've all got a lot calmer these days! Has anyone heard from the Waleses???<br><br><br>Hope this helps,<br><br>S<br>xx
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