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baby due soon !!!

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

baby due soon !!!

Postby wales » Mon Nov 25, 2002 8:15 pm

hi all newbies and oldies.<br>well i aint been on hear for months been to busy,why did the old site go?<br>well the baby is due on 6 dec and so far all is well wife has had a few nights in the ossie mainly high b/p. also was having dizzy spells and blured vision,has to have a brain scan 6 weeks after the birth.<br>but we are not worried so dont be alarmed..<br><br>how is dee doing and the others?<br>we are having a girl and calling her meghan-katie.<br>she was in breach the other day but has since turned around and is head down now so lets hope she stays that way.<br><br>for all you newbies this was our 4th i.v.f. after 1st failed,<br>2nd m/c. 3rd double ectopic.<br>any one want any questions answered i will be happy to oblige but remember i am a MAN..<br> all the best mr & mrs wales..
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baby due soon !!!

Postby beck » Mon Nov 25, 2002 9:23 pm

hello mr wales i remember you and your wife from the old site.....it changed about 3 months ago,(more up to date i think).<br>well congrates on the little girl who will soon be in yours and your wifes arms.<br>good luck and keep us posted.<br>lots of love to you both <br>beck xx
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baby due soon !!!

Postby NickyJ » Tue Nov 26, 2002 6:28 am

Hi Mr Wales, and welcome back!!!<br><br>Doesn't seem that long ago you were fretting over whether to have the scans and tests.....doesn't time fly, and now only a couple of weeks to go!!!<br><br>Enjoy whatever rest you can right now as before you know it little Meghan-Katie will be ruling the roost....but it will be the best feeling ever...and it just gets better!!<br><br>Anyway so glad to see you back and don't forget...photo's and all info after the event will be eagerly anticipated. <br><br>Love<br>Nicky (Rebecca and Ross)
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baby due soon !!!

Postby JD » Tue Nov 26, 2002 1:15 pm

Hi Mr Wales<br><br>Lovely to hear from you again - I wondered what had happened to you, although I must admit I've also been absent from the site for a couple of months.<br><br>Make the most of the next couple of weeks and tell Mrs Wales to take things easy. Meghan-Katie is a lovely name, you must be so excited.<br><br>As the others have said, let us know how everything goes and can't wait for a couple of piccies.<br><br>I'm now a day overdue, but I've loved every minute of the pregnancy so I'm not really panicking. Hopefully I'll have some photos for you soon.<br><br>Anyway, keep in touch and all the best to Mrs Wales<br><br>Love JD xx
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baby due soon !!!

Postby Loonpants » Wed Nov 27, 2002 9:11 pm

Mr and Mrs Wales<br><br>Glad to hear that all is well with you both and that little Meghan will soon be on the way. It's nice that some of the oldies are posting again. Time flies so quickly it only seems like yesterday when you were all on your 2ww's now we are having a baby boom.<br><br>Wishing you all the best.<br><br>Lisa(Loonpants) <br>
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baby due soon !!!

Postby Miriam » Wed Dec 04, 2002 7:08 pm

good luck mr and mrs wales. don't worry, we couldn't forget you two, you are unforgettable. Looking forward to hearing about Meghan-Katie's arrival - hope all goes really well!<br>I've got another few weeks to go, hopefully, although the baby was threatening to come last week (had contractions and pain, but they monitored it and it settled down).<br>love Miriam x
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baby due soon !!!

Postby Sarah R » Thu Dec 05, 2002 4:14 pm

Good luck to you all - can't wait to hear more news of Meghan-Katie.<br><br>S<br>xx
Sarah R
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baby due soon !!!

Postby Mandy » Fri Dec 06, 2002 4:11 pm

Hi there Mr & Mrs Wales,<br> It is so nice to here from you again. Good Luck for tomorrow on the arrival of your daughter, Meghan.<br><br>Mandy.xxxx
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baby due soon !!!

Postby Sally » Fri Dec 06, 2002 4:53 pm

Hi Mr and Mrs Wales,<br><br>Bestest luck in the birth of your daughter...introduce her to us soon, won't you.<br><br>Sally xx
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