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Nuchal scan or triple test??

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Nuchal scan or triple test??

Postby Adey » Sun Jun 22, 2003 1:29 pm

Hi everyone,<br>Haven't been on here for ages, hope you're all well. I need some advice! I'm 10 1/2 weeks and have seen my midwife who asked me which of these tests i wanted. Brighton only offers triple test on NHS so nuchal scan is private or i have to go to london to have it. The thing is i don't feel that i would abort or want the amnicentesis if there was a problem. So i have this horrible feeling that they'll tell me i'm high risk and then i'll just worry myself sick. Lots of you seem to have had the Nuchal fold test, is there a reason why this one is better or is it all you were offered. My pregnant friend said its just peace of mind but what if its bad news!<br>Any advice?<br>Adey xxx
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Nuchal scan or triple test??

Postby ogr » Sun Jun 22, 2003 2:16 pm

i told our doctor that if they could do a test ad fix what was wrong then go ahead , but if they could only tell us something was wrong and do nothing then i dont want the test.. we have no more chances of getting pregnant., and i am already so attched to this little one that is growing so fast inside me that i could never have it taken out..<br> so we are not having any test...<br> good luck in what ever you do..<br> becky
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Nuchal scan or triple test??

Postby Helen G » Sun Jun 22, 2003 5:10 pm

Hi Adey<br><br>I was only offered the Nuchal Fold scan as I'm expecting twins and I believe you can get false readings with the triple test and twins.<br><br>I went ahead with the Nuchal Fold scan in the knowledge that I wouldn't be able to do anything if the risks were high! With hindsight seems a bit daft, almost best not to if you know you can't do anything with the information - I suppose you must spend the next 6 months worrying like mad! I was very lucky and the results came in with a very low risk (more like that of a 20 year old and I'm 32!). I'm not having any more tests done now.<br><br>You have to do what feels right for you. Good luck with your decision.<br><br>Helen xx
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Nuchal scan or triple test??

Postby alison p » Sun Jun 22, 2003 5:27 pm

Hi Adey,<br><br>I've opted for the nuchal test at Kings (didn't fancy paying for yet another test). I agree with you in a way - I'm not sure what we'd do if it came out high risk, but I am 34 (35 before I give birth), so although not really old, I'm probably more at risk than a 30 yr old. <br>My midwife said that the triple test is performed at 14 weeks in Brighton and it takes up to 14 days for the results to come back (another horrendous 2ww!!). However, the results of the nuchal fold test are immediate and if there is a high risk the CVtest is performed immediately, so you don't have to wait. <br><br>I guess you need to discuss it with your hubby and see what decision you come up with. It took about 5 days to get the appointment back through the post (our's is on the 9th July) and my GP refered me. <br><br>Alison xx<br><br>P.S. I haven't got round to phoning you yet, but there's plenty of time. Also, we went to see Des last Saturday - he's really nice isn't he? Plus the added bonus that he's also an obstetrician at the Sussex, so I've asked if I can see him at around 12 weeks to discuss coming off my steroids, etc.
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Nuchal scan or triple test??

Postby Jules R » Sun Jun 22, 2003 7:09 pm

Hi Adey!<br><br>We also had a Nuchal fold scan at King's, which is where we were referred to by our GP here in West Sussex, but also happened to be the place we'd had our ICSI. Like Helen, we were told that it was the only reliable test for twins. I was quite prepared (in as much as you can be) for a baby with a problem (have a severely brain damaged cousin and have taught several children with Down's) but we just wanted to know beforehand the likelihood of any problems so that we could prepare ourselves. As it was, we had pretty similar results to Helen and our two were born with no health problems. All the best.<br><br>Jules
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Nuchal scan or triple test??

Postby suzannemorris » Wed Jun 25, 2003 4:31 pm

Hi Adey<br><br>thought I'd let you know what happened to me last month. I had the triple test done at 19 weeks. Before I went ahead I was sure that even if it came back that we were a risk for downs, that I'd take it on the chin and just live with the risk. How wrong I was!! We came back as a borderline risk, but neither of us felt we could cope if the baby had downs. Before the result I was adamant that there was no way I'd consider an amnio, but once the doubt has been planted in your mind, things are suddenly very different.<br><br>I decided in the end to not have the amnio because the risk of me miscarrying due to that was higher than the risk of the baby having downs. The difficult thing for me was that I'd started to feel the baby moving by the time of the tests, so the thought of losing them or worse still the thought of a termination was too horrible to even contemplate.<br><br>My advice to you therefore is to think very hard about what you would be prepared to do if the results were not the ones that you wanted, because if there's no way that you'd act on the info, i,e risk miscarrying by having the amnio or the even more horrid alternative, then don't put yourself through the worry. If you really feel that you need to know then go for the nuchal fold test, at least that way you are not so far along with your pregnancy, if the worst were to happen.<br><br>A month on and I'm feeling much more positive than I was at the time, but the niggling doubt sometimes still creeps in.<br><br>Sorry for going on, but like you I was sure that I wouldn't have the amnio or end the pregnancy, but when you're given those results, suddenly things appear very different.<br><br>I hope you make the right choice for you, personally I wish I hadn't bothered.<br><br>Suzanne.x
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