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I can't believe I'm here...

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

I can't believe I'm here...

Postby caroline » Mon Jun 30, 2003 11:56 am

Hi<br><br>Not sure if anyone will remember me as I haven't posted for months. After 3 failed attempts (2 IVF and one frozen at Ninewells in Dundee) I stopped visiting the site regularly as I was getting quite down. <br><br>Anyway, we decided to try for a 4th (and probably last) time and my God, I tested positive this morning. All during the 2ww, I'd been getting period pains, so I was convinced it hadn't work.<br><br>I still can't believe that it has happened and feel a bit like I'm tempting fate by posting this message, but need to tell someone.<br><br>I have my first scan on 16th, but I know I'll not be able to relax for months.<br><br>How did you all cope?<br><br>love<br>Caroline<br>xx
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby Sarah30 » Mon Jun 30, 2003 12:24 pm

Hi Caroline<br><br>Bloody amazing congratulations!!!!!!!!! Wooooooohooooooooooooooo<br><br>You must be on cloud nine.<br><br>Hmmm Scan 2 and a bit weeks away - how to cope!?!?!?!?! Day by Day, nothing makes the time go quicker than keeping busy.<br><br>Ooooh congratuations again Caroline.<br><br>Love Sarah<br><br>13 weeks + 6 days (twins) ***MASSIVE SMILE****
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby SallyP » Mon Jun 30, 2003 1:04 pm

Hi Caroline - what brilliant news! I know what you mean about the pain - when I was on my 2ww I had really bad AF pains every day and convinced myself it hadn't worked, but it had, and am now 8 weeks 3 days after my second ICSI attempt. <br><br>The pains are completely normal, and do settle down quickly - I just get the odd 1 minute bout of pain about once or twice a day now - just stretching inside!<br><br>You can calculate how many weeks you are by counting 2 weeks back from ET and then counting forward - does that make any sense?<br><br>Congratulations again - keep drinking lots of water and relax as much as you can!<br><br>Love sally xx
Me - severe endo, DH - poor sperm. First IVF ICSI Nov 02 neg. Second IVF/ICSI May 03 Positive.
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby emma0908 » Mon Jun 30, 2003 1:11 pm

Hi Caroline<br><br>Congratulations and welcome to all the mums to be!!!<br><br>I know how you feel, pains, 2WW but it will be worth it in the end!!!<br><br>Love<br><br>Emma<br>x<br>
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby Louise24 » Mon Jun 30, 2003 1:19 pm

CONGRATULATIONS<br><br>Well done you must be so happy, im really happy for you and DH.<br><br>Love Louise<br>7wk prg
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby Tracey S » Mon Jun 30, 2003 2:19 pm

Caroline<br><br>congrats!!!! I remember you - also on FF too aren't you? - We went through our FET last but one for me at the same time. Did you have hydrosalpinx too - I did - not sure if my pg brain has scrambled everything. My last FET - 4th attempt in all after one ectopic and 2 IVF's and 2 FET's worked! - now 10 weeks and still counting.<br>Just eaten a banana and honked - used to love them but can't eat them at the moment - hope it's a good sign!<br>WElcome<br>Love<br>Tracey<br>xxx
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby bubblymichelle » Mon Jun 30, 2003 5:06 pm

I just want to say a huge congrats to you, you must be over the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its such a lovely feeling when you see your positive result and I am mega happy for you.<br><br>I had very bad AF pains when I was on my 2ww and I convinced myself it was all over but hey I got a positive too.<br><br>Hope all goes well with your scan, keep us posted.<br><br>Love<br><br>Shell.<br>11wks pg
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby Lizzy7 » Mon Jun 30, 2003 8:12 pm

Hey Caroline - congratulations!!<br><br>Don't worry - you'll cope with it, you'll worry like a mad 'un about every twinge but you'll be fine. Lots of luck for your scan, it's not too long to wait,<br><br>Look after yourself,<br>Lizzy xxxx 11 weeks 3 days
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby tshepher » Tue Jul 01, 2003 9:23 am

Caroline<br>CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to this side. Don't think any of us quite believe it when it happens but belive it you can.<br>Relax and enjoy !!!!<br>LOL<br>Terri<br>xx
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby RLV » Wed Jul 02, 2003 7:17 pm

Hi Caroline<br><br>I think I remember you if you're the same Caroline!<br><br>Anyway, congratulations on getting a positive result and fingers crossed everything is ok at your first scan.<br><br>Take care,<br>Luv Rachel X
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby alison p » Mon Jul 07, 2003 8:32 am

Dear Caroline,<br><br>Welcome to the other side!! It's a bit exciting coming over here for the first time. <br><br>Hope your first scan goes well - I found the 2 ww for that worse than the 2ww for the pregnancy test!! It's hard to believe it when you first get a +ve result after all you've been through, but I'm sure that all will be well.<br><br>Time will go quickly. Try and enjoy it - assuming you're not throwing up everywhere!<br><br>Good luck and let us know what happens on the 16th,<br><br>Alison xx
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby rachel r » Mon Jul 07, 2003 6:37 pm

Caroline<br><br>Good things come to those who wait!!!! Fantastic news, huge congratulations!<br><br>LOL<br><br>Rachel<br>x
rachel r
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby miss1ie » Tue Jul 15, 2003 8:41 am

Big hug and congratulations caroline,<br> i know how you feel i wasn't sure it had worked but when i got to 15 weeks i was suitably convinced then my mother in law (in America) suggested we capture jacob while he was inside me. she told me that everywhere in america does it they have scan of there baby made into video's so you can watch it again and again. we thought it was a good idea but it proved hard to implement as my husband had trouble finding a company in england that does it. after a long while on the internet he found a company called the baby scanners and we had it done it was the best idea my mother in law has had in a long time. we could see early on that jacob sucked his fingers and the way he likes to sleep. we sent a copy to the in laws seeing as they couldn't be with us. <br><br>good luck and congrats again<br>Karen <br><br>[Edited by miss1ie on 15-Jul-03 09:42]
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I can't believe I'm here...

Postby Helen G » Tue Jul 15, 2003 4:59 pm

caroline<br><br>Wow - 4th time lucky!!! Congratulations. I hope the next few months go really well for you! How to cope?? Day by nail biting I'm afraid! :)<br><br>LOL Helen xx
Helen G
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