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Happy 2nd Birthday Thomas & Charlotte (Toni) 06 July

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Happy 2nd Birthday Thomas & Charlotte (Toni) 06 July

Postby Jackie S » Sun Jul 01, 2007 12:41 pm

Just to wish you both a really great birthday. Hope you both have so much fun.

Toni -congratulations on being a mummy for 2 years ...it is unbelievable how quickly it has come round. Have you anything planned?

Have a really special day

Love Jackie & Joshua
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10 July 2005 -Our precious son Joshua James was born.
Jackie S
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Postby Toni » Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:30 am

ok. how late is this reply?? thank you for remebereing jackie. havent got long but we had a lovely time. we didnt do much on the actual day - we had some family come over and opened some presents (tom liked charlottes doll, charlotte liked toms garage!!), we got them both trikes for their birthday but the weather wasn't very nice so we didnt get the chance to use them. We had a birthday party for them the following day, as it was a saturday the next day and we invited lots of their little friends. It was a Teddy Bears picnic and it was so cute!! It went really well and every body sat really nicely with their teddy bears on the picnic blankets during food time. we really lucked out with the weather, and we had loads of stuff in the garden (slide, tunnels and tents, sandpit, trampoline). I will post some pictures on photobucket soon.
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