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Calling all animal lovers!

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Calling all animal lovers!

Postby ltaylor » Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:04 am


Update-It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I did another fresh IVF in October 2007, and it was a BFN. I switched to a new doctor for my last IVF in April/May 2008. He has done a lot more tests than my previous doctor. I found out that I don’t absorb folic acid and am now on medicine. I also have to have outpatient surgery to straighten out my cervix (sorry if TMI). So, I hope all this helps. DH and I have decided to adopt if this last IVF doesn’t work….

I am volunteering for a no-kill animal rescue. They are currently in a contest sponsored by Parade Magazine. They have until the end of January to collect the most donations (not dollar amount). The top 8 charities will win $50,000 (US). This is enough money to pay their vet bills for an entire year!! The minimum donation is $10 (US) and is tax deductible. I am hoping my fellow IVFers/Animal Lovers will help them out and make a $10 donation. Their website is www.hoperescues.com


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