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Postby ogr1 » Tue Oct 28, 2003 6:22 am

i got myself lost a bit. i found my self getting very mad at everyone and everything and nothing was helping.i wasnt making any since.after i had a big blow up over nothing. poor dh and kids.<br> i thought threw out the night. i have to do something or i will lose everything.<br>so i got out my 2 year old horse and worked with him today.havent done anything with the horses for a year. but today i did. it was hard,.<br>it was a huge step.<br>tracey i hope you are still finding something to smile for, you have a wonderful smile.i was glad to read that you had smiled.<br> every one else i hope you all can find your smiles!!!!!<br> love becky<br><br>[Edited by ogr1 on 27-Oct-03 22:29]
we werent blessed with our babies to raise here but we our blessed with our grandaughter
and all of our many adopted and foster children that touch our lives
and i am glad to add that our 6th grandchild will be born this spring!!!!
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Postby Grace » Tue Oct 28, 2003 9:30 am

Well done Becky, sounds like that was a huge step. Hope you are managing a smile too.<br>I know what you mean though about loosing everything else.<br>I have wanted a baby so much for nine years, but sometimes I think I am in danger of loosing myself and eveything else in this pursuit, it has become an obsession to me at times.<br>Thinking of you and all the other girls.<br>Love Gracexxx<br><br>
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Postby louli » Wed Oct 29, 2003 8:24 am

Hi Becky and Grace,<br>Just popped in to see how you are doing. I haven't posted for a while. Waiting for AF so we can start clomid but no other drugs this time. Sounds great to get out there on your horse, Becky. I used to ride as a child and then rode a friend's horse one day in the summer and it felt great!!<br>Grace, thinking of you and doing lots of PMA stuff as I guess tomorrow is the big day.<br>Keep on smiling all!<br>Lou
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Postby Grace » Wed Oct 29, 2003 4:43 pm

Lou<br>I hope you see this. Thanks so much for thinking of me it is very kind of you. I am doing okayish. Not brilliant to be honest. I have a few days left. So I am holding together just about.<br>I will let you know how it goes.<br>Glad you are starting again soon. Will be keeping my eye on you and sending lots of good thoughts.<br><br>Hello to Becky too, how are you?<br><br>Love <br>Grace.
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Postby caz1 » Wed Oct 29, 2003 6:01 pm

HI becky - nearly cried when I read your message<br>Good for you. You're so right that we jeopardise so much - I dont think anyone (even DHs at times) REALLY understand what we are going thru and it IS isolating<br><br>I went a rode horses after my failed tmt and it worked wonders - funnily enough I had arranged in during the 2ww - i guess I just KNEW it wasnt gonna work - I found it just (for a little while) kind of took me out of myself and my worries - which was very empowering!. If our tmt fails in feb , I think skiing is on the cards!<br><br>take care all<br><br>cazx
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Postby Tracey S » Thu Oct 30, 2003 8:34 am

Becky<br><br>just sent you an e mail with me news - well done you - I am very proud. Horses are great for that sort of thing. My friend who lost hers at 32 weeks is riding again. Me well I am getting a Weimaraner puppy - in two weeks tme - she will be 7 weeks and is gorgeous - she smells all milky - you know the way they do.<br>Grace - hang in there - I am here for you either way.<br>Caz and Louli - have not spoken before but great to see this board up and running.<br>Love to all - still smiling!! :)<br>Tracey<br>xxx
ttc 9 years. 38 yrs old, dh 8 hrs younger!First IVF in Aug 2002 and had ectopic.2nd IVF neg.3rd FET and negative.4th FET and positive but sadly lost our little boy at 20 weeks.5th FET and Alice Isobel and Emily Charlotte born 5th Aug 2004!
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Postby Jo Locker » Thu Oct 30, 2003 3:54 pm

Just a little Hi Trace. That pup sounds like heaven - they really are gorgeous and silky. There's a bit of an animal theme on here at the mo, and I know for a fact that whenever you have sad times, animals (&birds - my parrot pedro is my baby) will listen and listen and listen and always somehow just snuggle close and help. <br><br>Love, Jo. XX
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