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Being Induced

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Being Induced

Postby lynneyd7 » Sat Mar 01, 2008 12:46 pm

Hi Ladies,

I am being induced on Monday and will be 39 weeks and 2 days. On sunday at 3pm I go to the hospital to get gel on my cervix to help it open. I still am completly closed. When they induce me on Monday they break my water and give me Pictocen? at the same time. Any words or advice with being induced. I heard it is stronger pain and a harder labor. Thanks for the help. Also with an epidural, do you feel some pain or none at all. Just curious.
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Postby crasmus » Sat Mar 01, 2008 4:11 pm

good luck, and each labor is different.. i was induced for all 3 of my babies... i do think that the cervadel (gel to ripen the cervix) took the longest and was the most anoying, just because that can take for ever (but i was only 35weeks when i had the gel)... i only had the gel once... otherwise i just got the pitocin and then water broke... the waters for me is what totally moved things really fast...if you are for sure getting an epidural.... i would say get it befor the water is broke... as for the epidural... there are so many doses that they can use, some you feel nothing, others you feel everything, but not as painful... i would say that you still feel pressure but not the intense pain...

you'll get through it just fine... good luck... try and drink rasberry tea this weekend.. i think that it totally helped me move things along faster...

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