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Back for another round - need some advice with Frozen Embryo

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Back for another round - need some advice with Frozen Embryo

Postby rdiehl » Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:44 pm

Wow I remembered my password from more then 3 years ago - crazy. Reading the blogs again I remember how much it helped so I'm looking for some answers to some FET questions

On April 15 I had 3 frozen transfered (mimicking a day 3 transfer). In Canada we grade them like school so I had 1 5 cell B+ - one 2 cell B and one 3 cell (that froze at 6 cells died back to 1 when thawed and then grew to 3 when transferred). I know that these aren't great cell counts and was really shocked that at time of transfer only one embryo had started to regenerate cells. My Dr said not to worry but still.

So I've been on estrace and prometrium and its almost been 14 days of taking these. I haven't had any bleeding but have been exhausted, nauseaous and have cramp like pains every once in a while. I am getting really nerveous as I am supposed to wait until tuesday for the 1st beta. My questions are

Has anyone gone through FET, not bled and not been pregnant.
Does anyone know if this is common
Should I POAS

My DH is excited and has admitted to me he almost thinks of me as pregnant now. I'm just too scared and nerveous to get my hopes up. Anyone have some stories good or bad to share. :?
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