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embryo transfer using donor eggs one week away

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embryo transfer using donor eggs one week away

Postby BABYBARB » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:55 pm

Hi everyone,

okay. friday my lining was 8.2mm and today was 7.3mm? Is this fluctuation common?.... also my clinic decided to do 3 day transfer rather than 5 day blast. The donors eggs are not even retreived yet.....?
I was hoping they would take them to blast . my donors previous cycles in different clinics had 8 frozen blasts. Anyway, i guess this is their way of telling me that the blasts dont do to well in their lab. Im starting the patch along with the estarce tonight. hopefully this will help.
maybe i should of went back to weill cornell.zev rosenwaks?
im with dr.herslag at north shore cfhr.
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