New to boards.....

Discussion forum for those particularly interested in insemination using partners sperm, or donor insemination.
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New to boards.....

Post by BellaP185 » Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:54 pm

Hello, I am new to these boards and am hoping to find someone that can help by offering advice and or explanations or that may be going through a similar situation.

My DH and I have been married for almost 4 years and have decidied it's time to start a family. Everyone has been nagging us since the day that we got married, but no one seems to understand that my DH has a genetic syndrome that is passed on with a 50/50 chance. This defect gets worse with each generation and if passed on would be on the 3rd generation. He has expressed that he will not get me pregnant naturally because he would not want to put a child through all that he went through, surgeries, health probelms, learning disability, constant teasing, etc.

I completely understand this and thought ok let's go talk to an endocrinologist. After doing some research I read about PGD. Does anyone have any expereince with this? He's still worried that there would be a mess up and they would use the wrong specimen.

We also thought about using donor sperm. He has a brother that is unaffected, but is married with two kids. We asked him if he would donate to us and he got a little weirded out and thought it wouldn't be right because it would be his child and that his wife would never allow him to do this. I understand that point, but still feel that's a little selfish, no? At least we would know the family history, it's not like he would be raising the baby.

So I think we may go talk about anonymous sperm donation. Has anyone had a negative or positive expereince? How well can you trust the samples? How much information are you given about the donor? Are the donors really ok? I keep envisioning a junkie trying to get a few bucks for a fix. Or are there really nice people that want to help couples out? Do you tell the child about how they were conceived? What are my chances of conception on first try? I am very fertile and young, but don't exactly know the whole procedure for this. Thanks for any help.

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Post by Kery » Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:28 pm

Hi ya
I sent you a pm
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