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New to the site and on my 2nd Icsi

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

New to the site and on my 2nd Icsi

Postby Praying4icsibaby » Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:10 pm

Hi Girls
I am new to the site but not knew to icsi/ivf i had my first in june
and it was bfn i am now on my 2nd Icsi and been on buserelin
injections for nearly 3wks now ..
I have my baseline scan on 2nd december this Tuesday to see if i have
responded to the drugs and if all is well on to the menopur for 10days
as well as taking the buserelin injections then its follicel scan then hcg
then 36hrs later its EC then 2days later ET then the suppos then the
Nail biteing 2ww ..

I have ben Pg naturally and lost 5 pgs due to a blood clotting disorder
called lupas if and when i get pg again i will be given 150mg asprin
and 1 fragmin injections a day :(

Me and dh was ttc for over 12mths and nothing was happing bfns
we went to gp who sent us on to fertility clinic dhs swimmers was
tested and we was told they have gone from being great to not great
they cant make the journey and the cause of this can be a simple cold
we was given x3 Iui which was bfn and now onto our 2nd Icsi
which will also be our last icsi as the nhs is funding it for us and they
only give out 2 in our area lottery code :(

There is no way we can afford to have a 3rd go as dh was made
redundant this week and i am currently unemployed :(
So we really need this Icsi to work so send me lots of good luck
and lots of sticky vibes and baby dust ...

I wish you all the best for your BFPS and look forward to getting to know
you all ... Praying for a xmas BFP test day round the 27th December
if all goes well :) xxx
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Postby kerrib » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:16 am

whats the update ???!!!!
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