Lack of Morning Sickness...happen to any of you?

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Post by Marina_A » Sun Jan 11, 2009 7:44 pm

LOL :lol: I'm exactly like you-I just found your post.I was driving my doctors crazy because I didn't have any m/s or sore bbs(that was my biggest concern,when I was PG first time with my son they got 2 sizes bigger and were very sore!)In fact,I was 99% sure that IVF didn't work this time because I didn't have any symptoms.Imagine my :shock: when first we got BFP and then saw 3 sacs on u/s.I was shocked that I'm not spending ALL my time with my head down the toilet.The only thing is-I have no appetite or cravings at all,no food appealing to me,but I make myself to eat.
But it was a surprise when I threw up last week in the morning(I think that was nerves before doctors appt.) and for the past week I felt nauseous in the afternoon.I thought the same thing-it's kinda too late for this to start now.
So,probably,it's ok.We have to relax and try to enjoy :wink:
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Post by TammyS » Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:31 am

I did not have any morning sickness or sore tatas, either. It is quite common. We are lucky. It did make me really nervous at the time that something was wrong. Nothing was wrong. He is perfect. Try to enjoy your pregnancy. :D
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