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Intro, and IVF questions for those who have been through it

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Intro, and IVF questions for those who have been through it

Postby jmc » Fri Mar 12, 2004 4:08 pm

Hello all - I hope you don't mind me joining your forum. I go by JMC, and will give you a little background before I launch into my questions. My DH and I are both 38yo and have been married for almost 3 years. We have a DD (20 months) conceived naturally 2 months after we got married. For our second, we tried for about 6-7 months when we were told to stop using KY jelly (we are freakin' idiots). After we stopped, we were PG again in 2 months. We were so excited esp. since we've got biological clock issues. That one miscarried and we were devastated. We couldn't believe it. We had zero issues with our first. We went in for an IUI last month to speed things along and were SHOCKED to be told DH had very few good sperm. The reason this shocked us was because we got PG twice in very little time. It doesn't seem right that this would be possible if there was a sperm problem (maybe once, but not twice, and certainly not in 2 short cycles each time). But we redid the sperm test and it didn't look any better. So while we are going to try one more IUI the bottom line is that we are looking at IVF. We are going to start next month. I was hoping you could answer some questions for me.

1. Our doctor said that even during the 2ww no travel was allowed. This blew my mind. I obviously know we need to be present and local for all treatments and monitoring, but how is it possible that we are not allowed to go anywhere. Ever. Until this is over. That is totally unrealistic and impractical and I just don't know how we will get through this holed up locally for as long as this takes (my family lives several states away - we are in the US. I just found your board - I know you are all in the UK but I think that doesnt matter.)

2. What is a "typical" drug/shot regimine? I am scared to death of the shots.

3. What is the anesthesia like for egg retrieval? I have never been under a general anesthesia and am scared to death of that as well.

4. Why does IVF fail? Why would it fail in someone like me who has already had a healthy pgnancy? If I knew that we would enter in to this knowing it woudl give us our next (and last!) baby, then I could be alot more optimistic - but I just can't get past the fact that there is a VERY REAL possibility it won't even work. We can't digest the fact that we are even in this position, having been so fertile in the past. The thought that our daughter may never have a sibling is too much to take.

Thank you all ... I look forward to getting to know you.

DH dmc
DD Emma (7-2002) conceived naturally in 2 mos
m/c 11-2003
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Postby SJ BROWN » Tue Mar 16, 2004 1:55 pm

hI Emma

Just spotted your post..........

Most people post on the general forum.....you will get a much bigger audience/response over that side..............

There are people posting on the general forum from USA/Aus & Norway.....

IVF is not as daunting as it sounds, a lot of clinics let you use an auto injector for the shots.......its really not that bad.............my consultant says to carry on as normal during 2ww but to avoid heavy lifting/hot baths/caffeine/alcohol........

Anyway, am supposed to be working so wil say bye for now.........

Good luck & dont forget to pop over to the general forum...........you wont regret it

:D :D :D
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Postby KathrynT » Tue Mar 16, 2004 3:57 pm

I too am really scared of injections... I normally faint at the sight of needles! As Sarah said most clinics use an auto inject gun... and believe me it really isn't that bad. We had one a night... for about 10 days.
Re egg collection, I had a sedative and a painkiller... this just makes you feel a bit "drunk" and drowsy so not like anesthesia.
If we only knew why IVF failed. I think you've got a very good chance of success if you've already conceived. At least you know your body can carry develop an embryo so you should feel very positive.
Good luck.

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2nd Feb 2004 (Failed)
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Postby Lotti » Wed Mar 17, 2004 8:36 pm


Glad you found this site, talking to these guys really really helps.

I have had 1 cycle of ICSI and 1 FET - both failed, and I am going for my 2nd ICSI in June, so although I have only been through it once so far (and I am hoping not too more times!) I can give you some answers to your questions, which may help too.

Firstly, I can't understand your doc saying that you will need to be "house bound" basically for the 2WW! Really, it is out of everyones hands by then, and the only advice I have received and researched is take it easy, maybe take the first week off work, and generally pamper yourself. Other than that, it is the 2WW's that are the worst, it seems to take forever....

The injections, like Kathryn and Sarah say, are really not that bad. I think it is the first one that is the worst as you are venturing into the unknown so to speak! But, it is over in a second, espeically if you use the auto inject gun, and all you feel is a slight sting for a couple of seconds. It gets easier as you do each one - honest!

At egg collection I also had a mixture of sedatives and pain killers, and I just vagely remember bits and pieces of the whole procedure, but no pain. Once home, I slept all afternoon. It was a little uncomfortable the next day, sort of cramp like feelings as if your period is due, but you are given pain killers if you need to take them, I didn't bother.

Finally, how we all wish that we knew why IVF doesn't always work...... nothing really prepares you for the disappointment and sheer devastation you feel when it doesn't. BUT, my friend's daughter in Law has just had a little girl, after her 1st IVF cycle - so it DOES happen.

Just stay healthy, drink lots of water and go for it, you know it is possible already with the birth of your little girl, so you have every chance it will work for you with IVF - good luck xx

We will probably be injecting at the same time as each other!
1 failed ICSI, 1 failed FET, next treatment starts in May with EC on 1 June 2004, hoping for a 2005 baby!
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Postby Zed2003 » Sat Mar 27, 2004 10:35 am


I agree, not sure what your doctor's reasoning is. I have to admit, I did NOTHING for the first 3 or four days, then did very little on the 2 week wait (physcological really). After the first couple of days, I was told if it's going to work, it will). Obviously, the easier you take things in terms of no lifting etc the better. I do remember though being told no long car journeys...other than that, het on with your life as usual...

As for injections - I hate them too and my husband gave me them every day as I was a chicken!! They really are small though and you do get used to them. As for anaesthetics etc, my EC was not done under general - I was just drugged up to the eyeballs - diamorphine is a wonderfull thing!!!!! you feel very little, although under general, you'll just feel groggy afterwards. I've had a few generals, and the worst part is thinking about them - they give you an injection - you count to about 10 (i get to about 3 :D ), you feel very drunk and then you wake up - so don't worry about this!!!!

As for why it fails after ET - who knows and you'll rarely find a reason. What will be will be unfortunately, but the advantage you have is you know you can get pregnant. You have to stay positive, BUT realistic at the same time.

I wish you much luck
Zoe x
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Postby Bronagh » Mon Mar 29, 2004 8:55 pm

I've just started my first cycle and its not a bad as some people say -we have been told not to do anything too strenious during the 2 week wait no no house work,gym, sauna or baths , no flights. I think the shock is as you have concieved nuturally you cant believe you have to do so much work this time around -there is no guarantees but for me with inexplained infertility I would never forgive myself if I didnt try everything so I'll have no regrets later on, put you both have to decide for yourself.

good luck

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Re: Intro, and IVF questions for those who have been through

Postby GeraldJ880 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:59 am

I'm 30 and possess just recently been advised through our hospital that will in order for me to obtain expecting a baby I must have got IVF.I'm extreamly concerned with this process as well as question in case everyone can give me several suggestions. I'm a bit scarred as well as question when the egg assortment damages. We've look at facts about this kind of web page and yes it really does talk about that you will have got sedation. I imagined that will sedation ment that you've a good IV trickle put into ones hand, but the publication i always was handed through our hospital states that you are presented a nearby anaesthetic near the top of the particular vagina, will be this kind of true and if consequently really does that will hurt??? Please help everyone.

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