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GHOST-Positive beta & HPT, but bleeding??

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GHOST-Positive beta & HPT, but bleeding??

Postby fkm7783 » Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:37 pm

Ghost: Please help.
This is my second IVF attempt (3 day transfer: 2 embryos) after 2 previous chemical mc's. Got my first positive beta last Wed. = 57. By Friday the number was 118. The nurse said my RE was pleased with the numbers and I have to return on Friday to repeat the bloodwork. However, I have been bleeding since my first beta. Actually I started spotting the week after my transfer and the bleeding increased by the second beta. I have been using HPT's daily and they are consistently +++. With my previous losses the numbers never doubled by the second beta and I would be bleeding prior to the second beta test. How could I still be getting +++ HPT's if I am miscarrying? My numbers were not that high to begin with that I would assume since the bleeding that the numbers would have decreased significantly therefore unable to be detected on HPT? Also I notified the nurse on Friday that I was bleeding and she did not appear too concerned. She said it could be that I am losing one of the embryos while the other implanted. Could this be the reason for the bleeding. So sorry for all of the questions. Any help/advice would be comforting at this point.
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