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Sperm Donation

Discussion forum for those particularly interested in insemination using partners sperm, or donor insemination.

Sperm Donation

Postby UKManinUSA » Sat May 09, 2009 8:36 pm

I'm new to this, but wondering if I should go down this path. I'm a healthy male of ancient and documented British pedigree, dating to about the 14th century. I also have a Legal UK coat of arms, so technically if I recognized any resulting offspring they'd be an 'heraldic heir' of both Scots Nobility, and English Gentry.

Only legal thing here is that it is required by the UK Heralds that the child bears my surname to inerhit my arms.

I'm a healthy, former athlete, and University educated. High and healthy sperm count. 5' 6" tall, blue eyes, brown hair, considered handsome. Typically my family live to about 100.

There would of course be no inheritence in either money or property. I would expect to have this confirmed in a legal agreement.

Although a coat of arms would be heritable property, if I recognized the child as my heraldic heir. The advantages of such a thing could be anything from gaining access to a good school/university, to gaining a commission in the military.

Interested in your thoughts. I would like to pass my genes on and currently have no children.

However I don't want to find myself pursued by the CSA or similar! So interested to learn of the legal situation, which frankly might prevent me from even thinking about the whole thing. So I am also interested to hear from anyone who has any experience of this.
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Postby sjay » Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:57 pm

I think it's fantastic that you're thinking about doing this.

Sperm donation is the only way my partner and I can have a child. I think its so good of you to wan to make other couples happy, and help them to make their dreams come true
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