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Dizziness and constantly 'not with it'

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Dizziness and constantly 'not with it'

Postby Tootsipink » Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:11 am


Earlier this year I was diagnosed with severe endo, multiple large intramural fibroids and one polycistic ovary. I've had the endo lasered, but the fibroids have to stay because of their unfortunate positioning within my uterus. I am pretty much tierd and feel 'not with it' all of the time now. I get massive pain during my period and cramps at other times and feel extremely emotional most of the time to the point that I could burst into tears at any point.

Not withstanding all of the above, my other problem is that I also suffer unexplained bouts of dizziness mainly just before my period and just before ovulation (although I don't always get a positive ovulation test every month) which merges into the mix of being emotional etc. No one can offer any explanation. My OH seems to think that I may be perimenopausal, my Gynae says not. Trying to get hormone tests done to check this side of things. I've had all sorts of other tests which are inconclusive.

I'm now off work as I can't concentrate and feel so emotional and tierd all the time I think I'm going mad :cry:

I'm 35, and my husband and I been trying to conceive for at least 18 months and we are now hoping to start IVF in January.

Anyone had any similar symptoms? I would love to hear what your diagnosis has been x
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