Procardia and twin preterm labor - Ghost? anyone?

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Procardia and twin preterm labor - Ghost? anyone?

Post by faith77 » Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:36 am

I currently 33 wks 5 days w/ twins;
I have been on procardia since last weekend to stop contractions- originally prescribed trybuerlyne (sp?) but could not handle the side-effects- terrible shakes, no sleep, etc... Friday 12/11 my cervix was checked during my reg ob appointment and I was 75% effaced and 3cm dialated. I was admitted ti hospita unti delivery.l Anyway, this Thursday 12/17 marks 34 wks for me and my dr said at this point we will stop the meds and let nature take over . According to dr once I stop the procradia is could be 24 hr or even days/wks before cervix conitnues to dialate and I show signs of labor. This is the 3rd time in hospital for preterm labor prevention since 26 wks. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding Procardia and how women react when they stop the med? My DH and I feel the dr is hesitant to predict b/c every body is so diferent and results are varied. But of course we are so anzious w/ anticipation trying to fugure out will we deliver this weekend or maybe make it a week or 2. Any feedback on similiar situation is appreciated.
fyii- had steroid injection last wk to prepare/strengthen babies lungs.
Thanks in advance for sharing your stories and any helpful advice
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Post by dys24 » Wed Dec 16, 2009 3:43 am

hi, just to let you know I was on procardia from 28wks to 36wks (doc woudlnt stop it sooner than that) I was on comlplete bed rest for preterm labor and short cervix from 20 wks to 36wks my cervix at 30wks was 1.2cm short but not dilated. Here I'm almost 39 wks and still no baby!!!! I'm half way dilated now so baby is coming soon but no contractions as of yet. I never noticed increased contractions or anything like that after i stopped the procardia so they are right it can happen 24 hrs to up to weeks for labor to kick in I'm waiting 3 weeks and baby doesnt want to come out :D :D . Good luck!
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