We're Home!!!

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We're Home!!!

Post by Nikola » Sun May 09, 2004 11:49 am


WEll finally after what feels like a lifetime but in actual fact is only 12 weeks......we are ALL home!!

Florence and Amelia were discharged from hospital on Thursday (Dh's birthday!) and I'm sat at my desk in my old office with a bugaboo on either side of me and both my precious babies asleep!

Florence is now nearly 5lbs and Amelia is close behind at just over 4lbs. They are both gorgeous but then I would say that, I'm their mum!

We are trying to establish a routine (ha ha) and things are going well so far. You don't get much sleep with two, but then you get twice as much pleasure! I'm doing a combination of breastfeeding, expressing and formula (at night to make them sleep -works wonders!)

It will take me ages to catch up on what has been happening, but I just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello and thanks to Tracey S for keeping me sane over the last few weeks and letting me know how you are all doing. I've missed you all loads!

Right, off to express lunch!

love nikola.x


Jules R
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Post by Jules R » Sun May 09, 2004 12:02 pm

Welcome home to all of you. I can't believe that Florence and Amelia aren't taking advantage of their first opportunity to chat to us all here!

It sounds like you're doing well on the old feeding front. Hope that they're not keeping you awake too much.

Did you especially come home so that Florence and Amelia would have a chance to see Leeds in the Premiership for just a little while (sorry, that's cruel)? Have you got them season tickets for next season's First Division fixtures?

Take care of you all and ENJOY!

Love Jules
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Post by Dagny » Sun May 09, 2004 12:37 pm

Well hello stranger!!!

I can't believe it!!!! Just when I was about to overtake you on the posting front there you come, back at the last minute to scupper my chances :evil:

Serously though I am sooooooo pleased you are back with your wonderful little girls. It must be so nice being home and being a Mummy. We have missed you and your wit and wisdom very much and it's good to have you back with us.

Big kiss and hug for Amelia and Florence and hope they continue to thrive :D :D

Speak soon my good buddy

Lots of love Dagny xkx :wink:
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Post by Wibbs1 » Sun May 09, 2004 12:52 pm

:D :D :D :D Hey wellcome home :D :D :D :D

I was just thinking of you last night, I thought you must be comming home soon, and hey presto.....!! :D :D
So glad you have your girls home you must now feel like a real MUMMY & DADDY, do you have to go back for special check ups for you or the girls?.
I am getting excited and scared, still no sign of him ariving yet, but I think I can feel him wiggling down the pelvis, very weired :shock:

How are the dogs? are they curious about the babies?
Have you gone back to normal size yet?, sorry about all the questions, but I did not know if you read that someone stole my lovley slim legs and feet and replaced them with FAT ONES :oops: so I'm desperate to get them back, not that I'm complaining really :?

I have being in touch with Val and keeping her updated on your progress so I will send your other message as well.
Take care and enjoy being home with your New Family
xxxx :lol: :lol:

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Post by sue.m » Sun May 09, 2004 2:22 pm

Hi Nikola,

you must be thrilled to bits to have your little girls home with you.

I feel sure Tracey mentioned a website, I'd love the address if there is one, so that I can take a look at Florence and Amelia.

Take care,
ttc for almost 4 years, diagnosed as unexplained. Just about to begin treatment when we were lucky enough to concieve naturally. Our beautiful baby boy, Daniel, was born on 27 Sept 2003. Now expecting again, baby due 22 Aug 2005.

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Post by Traci » Mon May 10, 2004 8:53 am

You sound great , and to think you can get properly waxed again if the babs will let you !!! I love their names would love a picky!!! when you get time to send one . Take care buddy

Trace x

Tracey S
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Post by Tracey S » Mon May 10, 2004 10:06 am

WElcome back - I have you back until I go - a while yet I hope.

Did not mention you had come out to this lot (as much as I love you all) - sorry but did not want to steal Nik's thunder and said I would not tell anyone.

I have been ever so mature while you have been in :shock: sure you will all agree - (not you Jules, Nicky, Dagny,Traci, Wibbs,Phil,Helen Reid, Helen L, and Zoe) actually not many left but they might agree :lol:

Sorry I missed the call
Catch you later
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Post by bubblymichelle » Mon May 10, 2004 3:14 pm

Hi Nikola,

Well just wanted to say welcome home to all of you, It's lovely to see you back with us. I can imagine that your busy busy busy but enjoying and loving every minute of the babies, it is wonderful but the time flies by.

Alex has just started on solids now and he is 3 months old, its scary where the time is going, but I am loving every minute of being a mom.

Love & Hugs to you all.

Dawn V
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Post by Dawn V » Mon May 10, 2004 8:50 pm

Hi Nikola

Welcome back and welcome home to Florrie & Amelia.
I can't imagine how scary it must be to suddenly be at home with them both (I'm shi**ing myself with one let alone two)!!
I hope Arf & Jez are loving their little sisters
Take care all of you
lots of love

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Post by Zed2003 » Tue May 11, 2004 9:51 am

Hey Nik!

How time flies eh? It's fantastic news that they're home - bet you still can't believe it!

As for routines - haha. That's how I feel with Sam :D

Take care and big hugs to the babes

Zoe & Sam xx

Helen G
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Post by Helen G » Tue May 11, 2004 8:17 pm

Hi Nikola

We don't actually "know" each other but I couldn't resist saying welcome home too! From what I can gather from the 2 Traces, you're about of an addict as well!

Anyway, just wanted to say congratulations on the arrival of your two little ones. You have hours and hours of fun ahead of you. Don't read any books on development or anything like that. Your little ones will do things when they're ready and not before. My little Harvey still can't be bothered to roll over and he's just over 7 months old!!

take care of each other.

Helen, Max & Harvey xxx

Lisa Ch
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Post by Lisa Ch » Mon May 17, 2004 10:01 am

Hi Nikola

great news that you are all home - bet you still need to pinch yourself!

Enjoy being a mammy (and to daddy to of course!)

Love Lisa xx

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Post by diane30 » Mon May 17, 2004 11:25 am


welcome home to you and your girls

lots of love

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Post by phil » Mon May 17, 2004 12:44 pm

hi nikola and girls,

welcome home!

omg 12 weeks you've been away. traci and your dh did a grand job keeping us updated. i hope your feeling well, you certainly went through it girl.

well now you can tell us what's in store for us. i think i know where dawn's coming from!

cuddles for the girls.

phil x

Helen Reid
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Post by Helen Reid » Mon May 17, 2004 1:59 pm

Hi Nikola

I am so glad to hear your little girls are home. It must be wonderful to have them with you 24/7.
I could not remember who had bought a bugaboo. I tried to look back but could not find who it was. We have oredered one and should be here late may/june time and i am so excited. I saw a couple with one on holiday and it looked fantastic.

Enjoy your little ones

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