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Cancelled FET and Re-Thawing - Ghost?

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Cancelled FET and Re-Thawing - Ghost?

Postby smd » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:04 pm

I have lurked on these boards for a few years. My history involves 2 miscarriages which led us to to a RE where it was determined my husband has a balanced translocation. 3 fresh IVF cycles with PGD and one FET later we have a little boy born in 2009 (by c section), and we are now starting up again with 2 frozen embryos from 2007. Prior to starting this last cycle my doc did a saline ultrasound to check out the morphology of my uterus - he wasn't able to get in (sorry TMI) and ended up doing a hysteroscopy under anesthesia. Come FET day, they were again unable to get in to place the embryos and the transfer was cancelled! He is going to try another saline US first to see if he can figure a way to wiggle in there, but we may have to do a hysteroscopy again. Is this common? Any suggestions on how to get the uterus to stay open? How will my little embies do now that they have been re-frozen and then will have to be re-thawed?
Thanks in advance!
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