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Postby Sunshine1576 » Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:24 am

Feel like I'm going backwards in asking this question....
After the first IVF attempt has ANYONE had a normal cycle with ovulation?

I'm just wondering if I'm wasting time in even trying this month. We have our consultation in 2 weeks at the new clinic I've been talking about. On the other hand, our appt for our post IVF is not until December, where he will go over our results with us. Even thought the outcome wasn't good, I personally think waiting 3 months to hear his opinion is way too long of a wait. My husband doesn't want to burn too many bridges and thinks we should keep the appt set for Dec 21st, but in the meantime I'm wondering why not have them go ahead and at least let us see a copy of the report. Then again when our medical records are released I am wondering if he will include the IVF report. WIth so many questions, I will not rest until we find something out.
BTW Has anyone heard of Attain IVF?
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