Anyone have success w/ Day 5 morulas?

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Anyone have success w/ Day 5 morulas?

Post by DCRunningMama » Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:54 pm


We did a 5 day transfer w/ 1 blastocyst, and 2 morulas. One of the morulas was "hours away from being a blastocyst" according to the embryologist.

Just hoping for a success story...
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Re: Anyone have success w/ Day 5 morulas?

Post by julia_78 » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:06 pm

Hi dc runningmama!

We got BFP twice from morulas - the first time we had pretty bad looking morulas on day 5, transferred the 2 the embryolosti thought looked the "least bad" and got a BFN. 2 of the morulas from that same batch became blasts on day 6 and we transferred them in a subsequent FET cycle, and were shocked to get a BFP - it was a singleton (we later m/c at 6 weeks, but we did get a BFP from these morulas).
The second time we transferred one blast and one morula "hours away from being a blast" which sounds just like what you are going thru, and i am now 23 weeks pregnant with twins! I read someehre that girl embryos develop slower than boy embryos, which is why so many of the IVF babies are boys (b/c they get selected more often as the "best looking embryo")... so many of us were probably day 5 morulas in our very early days :)

Good luck, it sounds like you have great chances for this cycle!
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