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5th ivf attempt on the way!

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5th ivf attempt on the way!

Postby anton » Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:35 am

hi everyone! i am Anton. I am 37 and and DH 38. problem facing is Male factor, low sperm count. we have started our IVF #1 in july 2009 and we had our 4th one in october 2010. no positive at all cycles. only negatives :( . same doctor at all cycles but this time we are going to try another doctor. i am making an appointment to see him next week and hopefully we will start immediately our 5th cycle. i really really want this time to work! we have been through so much pain and frastration :x and we need this time to be the winning one! :D i believe this and I am very positive about this time! anyone had a success on the 5th ivf? i really need to hear some success stories here!
my love to all the mommy wanna bee's :)
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Re: 5th ivf attempt on the way!

Postby chriss » Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:46 am

Hello Anton
Many have success on 5th try. I was told it may take up to six tries, so I did six IVF with my own eggs and failed each time. Chemical pregnancies & miscarriage... did donor on number 7 and now have two beautiful baby boys. Just celebrated first birthday. I wish you the best... ( I am happier than I ever thought possible... and I've been through the mill)

I am planting a seed...

Love to you. Be positive and NEVER give up unless your heart tells you to.
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