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Postby dreamcometrue » Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:54 am

Yes we thoroughly recommend treatment in India. we did surrogacy there 10 times! So from this experience we can safely say to others that you're wasting your time hanging about in the west!
There's a lot of info and detail that you can get off of on www.oneinsix.com or do a search for Bobby and Nikki on the web.
oh and if you are white and still need an egg donor, relax, most couples who do surrogacy in India are white and most couples who need donor eggs are white too and happy to use Indian donor eggs. Your names will be on the birth certificate irrespective of whose eggs or sperm was used.
Your baby days will soon be upon you if you can shake off wrongly negative perceptions by those losing business to overseas clinics.
Be brave and follow our lead.

Baby Daughter and second baby due in Aug 2010

generalzod2005@gmail.com for more info
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Re: Surrogacy

Postby lycase » Tue May 18, 2010 6:00 pm

wow that's great information. if you did surrogacy 10 times how many babies resulted in live birth?

thanks I am asking for a friend.

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Re: Surrogacy

Postby Tom » Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:44 am

IRTSA (International Reproductive Technologies Support Agency) is a Ukraine based surrogacy agency with the skill set and client base of a global agency. IRTSA is one of the very few companies which provides a full range of services dealing with support of today’s most effective reproductive programs, including surrogacy and egg donation. The headquarters is deliberately registered in Ukraine due to its favourable and loyal Ukrainian legislation in ART (assisted reproduction technologies) sphere. In fact, IRTSA delivers its services to citizens of any country in the world.

Every aspect of agency activities is based on the clients' objectives. We offer consultations of highly skilled specialists, access to extensive data-base of surrogate mothers and donors, organization of quality medical evaluation, psychological evaluation, psychological counselling, conclusion of contracts, legal paper processing, and various consulting and representative services.

Contact us: info@irtsa.com.ua
Phone: +380 (44) 223 5113
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Re: Surrogacy

Postby Tom » Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:29 am

IRTSA conducts another travelling seminar “Infertility Treatment and Reproductive Technologies in Ukraine” in Stockholm
International Reproductive Technologies Support Agency (IRTSA) scheduled another travelling seminar “Infertility Treatment and Reproductive Technologies in Ukraine” on July 02, 2011. The seminar programme covers urgent topics on medical, organizational and legal issues in reproductive medicine with application of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), namely:
For additional information see http://www.irtsa.com.ua/en/news/242.html

For registration and additional information, please contact us at: info@irtsa.com.ua
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Re: Surrogacy

Postby Intended parents » Tue May 03, 2011 7:10 am

We would like to WARN about the services of IRTSA and the clinic NeoMed that they use.

We have recently gone through an process that has been like a period of hell. All our mail conversations is saved and in the future we will start a blogg and present how their responses change from the initial contact until later when we were in the middle of the treatment, depending on them and in their hands. Their treatment were, according to several doctors that we have contacted in our home county Sweden, proved to be dangerous to our donor. Right now we are exhausted from what happened but would like to WARN everybody from using there services.
Intended parents
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