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Hi! First time posting

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Hi! First time posting

Postby kbear21 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:57 pm

I am in the middle of mt first IVF cycle. :D ... My husband's family, my family, and some friends know that we are doing it but we don't really tell them the full details because I hate the question "Are you pregnant?" I have tried to talk to a couple of them about it but none of them had to go through it so they don't really get it, so I figured I would try this...

At the moment I am taking Lupron 5 units, Bravelle 150, and Menopur 75... Today is my last day of Bravelle. I went for an ultrasound yesterday and I have a couple of big follicules and a bunch of small ones... The procedure is coming very soon and I am excited and scared...
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Re: Hi! First time posting

Postby Waitingkay » Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:45 pm

Hi kbear!

Here you can talk all you like and everyone will know exactly what you're going through. For the majority of our treatments (until first chemical pregnancy and fear of needing an abortion injection) our families didn't know either and even now I'm shetering dates and exact procedures to avoid hearing on family gatherings "SO...DID IT FINALLY WORK THIS TIME?"Please don't be scared of the procedure - ER (egg retrieval) is no big deal, and if everything goes well like it normally does, you actually finally start seeing the results of your efforts that day and the day after, which then lets you have the last boost of energy to go ahead. This is my second cycle (by now I have had 2 ER, 2 ET and one FET). Personally the worst for me was the stims, being bloated all the time - and this 2ww (the current one) has proven harder than before because we have tried a new procedure and I am afraid to be hopeful then disappointed.

Good luck and enjoy the forum!!!
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11/11 # 2 FET - BFP - no HB, D&C
02/12 # 3 IVF - BFN
04/12 # 4 IVF - BFN
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Re: Hi! First time posting

Postby kbear21 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:05 pm

It's really good to talk to someone who knows what it feels like... I'm 26 and I know that's young to start worrying about it never happening but I still do. I was first put on Clomid and that didn't work. My Dr decided to move onto injections/artificial insemenation and my husband was excited... I, on the other hand, cried. It's not that I'm not willing to try anything and everything but what my husband didn't understand was that was one thing that didn't work... I saw it as one step closer to never happening. That's one of the things I'm most scared of. Nothing working. But I am trying to keep positive :) ...

So I ended up getting approved for IVF through my insurance so we skipped artificial insemenation...

Wow... I kind of rambled there but I think maybe there will be more people here that understand
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Re: Hi! First time posting

Postby Sunshine1576 » Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:03 am

Welcome to the group! We certainly understand all the emotions and it's not easy but we cannot lose faith, because we know anything worth having in life is not meant to be easy. I'm glad to hear the insurance will be covering IVF, do you mind me asking which state you live in? Florida doesn't cover much down here, but at least we don't pay state taxes. Anyway, I wanted to welcome you more than anything. You can count on us to be there anytime you need someone to answer questions or just be there for support!
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Re: Hi! First time posting

Postby Heidi67 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:41 am

Hi Kbear21,
I agree WaitingK the injections and waiting during the TWW are the toughest part. The good news is that statistaclly your chances of it working are really good, because of your age. See keep up those positive vibes and hopefully you'll get your BFP with your first try.

Having your insurance cover IVF will take some of your stress off, as it's very expensive. (unfortunately it isn''t covered by us so we've had to pay all our treatements out of pocket) I'm glad you found this board, there are a lot of supportive and knowledgable people here. I hope your ER and ET go well.
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Re: Hi! First time posting

Postby want2beMommy » Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:24 am

I know exactly how you feel about family not understanding what you are going through. My husband and I are your age as well...which in my mind makes it hard to understand why, at such a young age, are we put through all of this?! I worry a lot about the "what-ifs" and how hard it all is. But, hopefully it will all work out for both of us! :o)
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Re: Hi! First time posting

Postby skatiedrew » Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:59 pm

I actually posted on the March Board under IVF. I'm new also and my family doesn't know. Here are my stats:
Me: 37
DH: 38
DS: 18
DD: 15
DSS: 10
TL: 1995
TR: 2009
2/2/09: BFP
2/14/09: e/p
3/26/11: 3 (8 cell embies) transferred. 2 (grade 3 frozen)
Now, we're waiting

By the way I've notice many people on here live in various countries. I live in the US. It's actually 6 p.m. here.
me 37
DH 39
DS 18
DD 15
DSS 11
TL 1992
TR 2009
BFP 2/2/10
e/p -metho shot 2/14
2 iui's w/ clomid; 4 rounds just clomid
IVF ER: 3/23/11
13 eggs; 11 mature/ 8 fertilized (ICSI)
ET: 3/26, 2 8 cell
Beta hcg: 4/4 -40
4/6 -139
4/8 -389
4/10 -1036
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Re: Hi! First time posting

Postby sassicassi » Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:38 am

i find it so fantastic that so many people have come together on this forum to support one another. NO ONE i know has ever gone through what i have gone through and it's so inspiring to read the stories and gives me hope. my dh and i have been through so much fertility stuff and i can talk about it for days but no one seems to understand. i am hoping this forum gives me the opportunity to share my experiences and gain perspective and support. good luck kbear!
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