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Re: Counseling?

Postby Sunshine1576 » Sun May 15, 2011 4:23 am

idk about counseling, but I do know having you all here has kept me from going looney...Seriously I can come here and vent, you guys know exactly how emotional infertility can be at times AND there is always a listening ear. Sometimes too it helps to journalize since my sweet husband often tells me I over-anaylze...lol maybe so but at least you guys can relate. :D
You are right counseling won't fix fertility, but it might give us insight and help us break some stuff down when it all seems so challenging. Sometimes counseling can help us grow emotional stronger, besides it never hurts to hear from someone who is nonjudgemental that you can open up and share EVERYTHING with. It's more of a personal preference, but if it's free I would certainly take advantage of it. Sunshine1576
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