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Skin reaction

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Skin reaction

Postby Alwaysangel » Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:34 am

I'm grasping at straws so I thought I would post. I miscarried almost 4 weeks ago and within a few days of stopping the meds and the actually miscarriage I began to get a sporadic skin reaction. I get really itchy then rash or bite looking spot would appear....nothing else changed. Re nurse told me it had nothing to do with tx. Went to pcp last week and prescribed prednisone...which stopped the reaction until yesterday when the dose was due to decrease. Now it's back. Has anyone had this after mc or tx?? My concern is I am still bleeding and could it be because my level is not yet zero and my body is so screwed up causing the reaction? I don't know what to do? Or what the problem is!
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