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ivf ukrain

Postby davina » Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:56 am

can anyone tell me about their expierence in neomed clinic with ivf and icsi
i have not been there before but was introduce throught the medical care eurpoe to the clinc and hope to start off with them
dont know how the standard of clinic in ukrain is but hoping that anyone can give me any information
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Re: ivf ukrain

Postby lombardia » Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:08 pm


It is quite well in Ukraine. I had my treatment in Ukraine IVF and egg donation. They have good service and clinic.
I was worried about a lot questions I thought at first that it wasn't right place for that. Then I changed my opinion.
Clinic in Ukraine is really good and follow the international standards. My IVF attempts was successful. In the nearest future we have a little baby. A bit confused of baby's health but I 've done PGD in Ukraine. Hope it's true and precise diagnostics.
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Re: ivf ukrain

Postby lawnak73 » Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:13 pm

hello all..
i am here for first time. me and hubby want to go for IVF with donor eggs . we had 2 girls but passed away due to genetic disorders at the age of 3 and 3 years. we r very sad parents. we do have one healthy child who is 17 years now.
i am 38 and want ivf with donor eggs .
i browsed for ivf and i am looking at kieve or north cyprus . i am confused.
we did tried earlier around 6 months ago for surrogacy with a philippino woman . she came to our house and stayed for a while , we were still in process of visa and meds when she ran off with alot of our cash....it was a horrible experience.
now i have decieded to try on my own with donor eggs. the reason we were considering surrogacy was because i am hyperemises and i throw up 9 months and now i have high BP .
anyone else who is also doing homework ? in finding a best place for IVF. which one is beter ukrain or cyrus. ? also please can some one tell me even in cyprus there are a few clinics which one is better.
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