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IVF cost - Monitoring and blood test charges after transfer

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IVF cost - Monitoring and blood test charges after transfer

Postby nycmanhattanIVF » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:35 am

Hi everyone,

My wife just went through the whole entire ivf with a positive result, although we are very happy and thankful but was shocked to hear from our doctor which all monitoring and blood test fees after that point will be additional. We don't have insurance so everything is out of pocket, before we began the treatment, our doctor had given us a detail breakdown on cost- $5500 for ivf cycle, $1700 for AZH, $500 anesthesia, $725 for freeze, and $150 for storage, plus another $2,500 we paid before the cycle began which included HSN, and a few monitoring and consultation, that is total of $11,000 paid to the office, that was what we was told and expected to paid. But once we found the good news and on our next visit for the blood test, the nurse told us we will have to return 3 to 4 times monitoring before she is to release to ob and each visit will cost $525 (ultrasound and blood test), that is additional $1575 to $2100??? I feel this is not right since the final visits are crucial and are part of the cycle which should be included, does anyone have liked expereince? Is this a fair practice by IVF doctor or it is simply extortion...please advise, thanks.
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