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Would like to donate eggs FREE of charge

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Would like to donate eggs FREE of charge

Postby Firestorm » Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:34 am


I am a 35 yo caucasian female (tall, blond, attractive, very sporty, originally from Russia (now live in Boulder, CO; I am a US citizen) strong opinionated personality, very intelligent (was extremely gifted at math throughout my school years as was my father and my brother). My family has an excellent family history (no birth defects, cancers, pretty much everybody in my not so large family is very intelligent and fit).

I have two beautiful kids, my son is 7 and my daughter is 5.5yo. I went through IVF to conceive my son; my daughter was born naturally. Both my husband and I strongly believe that with the population hitting over an indecent number of 7 billion people, it is no longer a "personal choice" (or at least it shouldn't be) to choose to have more than two kids per family. So we are not going to have any more kids. However, somehow, in some strange way, I feel like I am not done, like I am not complete, that my body was meant to create one more life. Therefore, if I could find the right family, who practice same style parenting as we do, I would very much love to donate my eggs to them free of any charge (they will have to cover the hormones and required tests, but I will not charge anything for myself). So I would like to donate eggs FREE of charge to a family with attachment parenting principles: NO genital mutilation (aka circumcision), no vaccines, no physical punishment (gentle discipline only), no crying it out, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, healthy food choices (no vegans please, I am a nutritionist myself and consider vegan diet to be extremely unhealthy).

Let me know if you are a like minded attachment parenting family who would like a free egg donation.

I absolutely have no problems with any race and I would welcome an oportunity of being a part in creating a biracial child.

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Re: Would like to donate eggs FREE of charge

Postby riftplatyi » Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:35 am

You know they are listening when you get an answer or a question asked. If you refuse to learn these skills, your must have someone do your computer stuff for you.
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