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Acupuncture after transfer?

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Acupuncture after transfer?

Postby Kitty23 » Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:44 am

I have a friend who claims that the 2 times his wife did acupuncture after transfer she started bleeding and did not get pregnant. Then they tried not doing it after the transfer and she got pregnant. He swears that I should not do acupuncture after the transfer.... Does anyone have any facts or thoughts on this?
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Re: Acupuncture after transfer?

Postby blueeyedreamer » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:08 am

Never heard anyone say that. Make sure you go to an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility.
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Re: Acupuncture after transfer?

Postby margi26 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:05 am

I can only speak from personal experience...no big study. I found it very relaxing and helpful. I concur that it is really important to find one that specializes in fertility. For me the only time I got pregnant successfully was the one time that I did use it after transfer. But-to be fair, lots of other factors changed as well. I just wanted to add that 2cents that it isn't likely to hurt---but could really relax you. I fall asleep or nearly asleep during every session of acupuncture.

Best of luck whatever you decide! Do what feels comfortable and relaxing to you!!
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Re: Acupuncture after transfer?

Postby tortillachip » Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:33 pm

My acupuncturist accompanied me to the embryo transfer and did a session before and after the transfer and that was the only time I got pregnant. I had done IVF twice before with no success. I'm planning on doing it again as I LOVE acupuncture, it grounds me, reduces my stress level and relaxes me.
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Re: Acupuncture after transfer?

Postby lou71 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 5:00 am

I also had an acupuncturist with me to do a session at the clinic before and after ET. I transferred one embie and it worked! I'm a fan.
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Re: Acupuncture after transfer?

Postby Dr. Wang » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:44 pm

Sorry to hear this about your friend. From my past experience of over 30 years as an acupuncturist, I never had or heard anything like this. However, there are some acupuncture points you are not supposed to use after transfer such as LI4, etc. because these points can make the uterus contract a lot and in turn it will affect conceiving. Of course, there could be other reasons involved too, such as your hormone levels, etc. Sometimes it could be just coincidence. Overall, acupuncture shouldn't cause that to happen. If you have any more questions, just PM me or email me at sw126@yahoo.com

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