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Advised to stop all IVF ART cycle?

Discussion forum for patients diagnosed with reduced ovarian reserve or those who responded poorly to ovarian stimulation.

Advised to stop all IVF ART cycle?

Postby Skny18 » Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:35 pm

Today is the most devastating day of my life as I was told to stop IVF totally due to poor egg quality (DE not allowed where I am from)

Am totally lost... I needed a second oppinion as it does sound really right... here's my history

My AGe: 38 retroverted uterus
Hubby Age 36

2 failed IUIs in 2009 - diagnosed male factor in fertility due to low sperm volume though count & % motility ok

2009 First IVF cycle - 150IU Puregon
12 eggs extracted
Transferred 1 morula, 2 8-cells grade 1 on day 3
5 frozen embroyos (2 8-cells grade 1, 2 7-cells grade 1, 1 6-cells grade 1)
BFP - first child born in 2010

2011 - natural cycle FET - failed
only the 6 cell grade 1 survived the thaw but reduced to 4 cell grade1

early 2012 - start antagonist GNRH cyle - 300IU puregon with50IU menopur due to poor response on day 5
8 eggs collected - 6 fertilised transferred (2 4-cell grade 1 on day 2) the rest of the embryos did not survive day 3 due to poor quality

This month - antagonist GNRH
Started DHEA for 4 month prior Plus Saizen jabs twice a week 2 weeks prior to day 1 of menses
400IU puregon + 150 menopur (with aletrnate day Saizen)
15 eggs collected - 8 fertilised (7 2PN cleaved)
lining 10.4
3 embryos transferred at day 2 (4-cell grade 1, 4-cell grade 2 and 3 cell grade 2) (3 frozen are grade 2 and of slower growth)
OHSS on day 7 post ET
BFN - advised to stop all ART cycle (review: oocyte frainy, clork with extra membrane - sign of aging) it was mentioned that implantation is very much dependent on egg quality.

I am just 38 and I read of success cases for ladies above 42. I still have so many eggs and still producing at least a grade 1 embryo (though OB mentioned that it was due to hubby's good sperm quality). I am not sure why I am advised to stop IVF and to try naturally. Of course I would not have the resources to keep trying to do IVF due to cost... but stopping at 38 and not give it at least another shot?

And my concern for natural will be :-

1) Hubby's sperm volume (which was the reason of our initial decision for IVF) - OB suggested lying down for longer period after sex

2) my aging eggs... if the eggs are of bad qualities... shouldn't I need more to ensure higher chances of success?

This is as good as telling me to stop trying totally isn't it?

Questions on my mind now:-
1) should i be seeking a second oppinion?
2) is it the antagonist cycle that affected since my first cycle was ok?
3) I read on the net that menopur could affect egg quality as well... could it be the cause?
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