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Questions to ask at follow up, suggestions-ghost and everyon

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Questions to ask at follow up, suggestions-ghost and everyon

Postby blueeyedreamer » Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:05 am

Fresh ivf 2 blast transfer, bfn
FET 2 blast transfer- blighted ovums
FET 1blast transfer- chemical 81 hcg high, very slow rise
Fresh IVF 2 3 day transfer- chemical beta high 707, low and slow rise (90, 137, 263, 707 every 48 hrs)
1 previous chemical 9 years ago, not ivf, beta high 49

Health- multiple sclerosis, severe endo with excision surgery, interstitial cystitis. History of lupus anticoagulant but normal levels these past two years.

All cycles used baby aspirin.

We have a follow up and am curious what you recommend asking for such as tests, treatments, etc. we have 1 blast in the freezer.
Nicole 35, DH 42
FET 2 BFP twins, M/C 7 weeks.
FET 3 BFP, chemical beta high 81
IVF 4 BFP, chemical beta high 707
Severe endo
Multiple Sclerosis

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Re: Questions to ask at follow up, suggestions-ghost and eve

Postby to_have_fun08 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:57 pm

With having MS and endo, i would look into immune treatments.. have NK cell testing to see if you have a high level of natural killer cells.. I know some dr.s don't believe in this so you might have to fight but with your history of transfering good embryos and then having chemicals, it could be that your embryos are being killed off by your body.
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