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worried husband - day 11 period symptoms

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worried husband - day 11 period symptoms

Postby Stephen1976 » Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:19 am

Hello world

Not many husbands seem to post on these forums, but my wife and I teach in Saudia and consequently only have each other to lean on at the moment (and to be honest I'm feeling a bit wobbly.) :(
She tested on hpt this morning (and yesterday) both negative - today is day 11 after transfer of 4 embryo's (2day transfer.) Now she is convinced IVF has failed, as she is feeling the same symptons as pre-period (i.e stomach and leg ache). We are due for blood test in two days and fly back to UK for a weeks holiday on the same day. I know she desperately wants to go back home with good news. Is there still a chance?

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