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Confused about AMH

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Confused about AMH

Postby Beefy8 » Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:20 pm

We are starting IVF. I was tested and had an AMH of 3.64 which is slightly high. Without explanation I was put on diabetes medication (which comes with some less than pleasant side effects). Everything I've researched on my own suggests that AMH level shouldn't be a concern, especially without any symptoms of OHS. Anyone have any experience with this or any information? Any idea why the diabetes medicine? Thank you!
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Re: Confused about AMH

Postby mommyoneday » Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:10 am

AMH is a measure that indicates ovarian reserve. It also indicates likelihood of response to fertility medications. The higher your AMH, the "greater" your response is expected to be. For instance, medication levels will generally be reduced for patients with higher AMH levels because its expected that they will over-respond.

Be happy that your AMH is "high." Low AMH significantly reduces your ability to conceive even through IVF. Also, an AMH of 3 is not considered high. 6 is high. And fyi, mine was off the charts at 20. I did an IVF retrieval on the lowest levels of medication (Menopur and Gonal-F) and had fantastic results in terms of number of eggs retrieved, quality of eggs retrieved, fertilization rates, and day 5 blastocytes. Your AMH also decreases as you age.
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Re: Confused about AMH

Postby jenhu77 » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:21 am

My AMH was 0.17. I'm on my 3rd IVF cycle. 1st cycle i had to stop in the middle of cycle because the meds were not stimulating me. I decided to go to a different Dr. because he was already asking me if I would consider a donor egg? Are U kidding me?? I was 35 at the time and it was my first attempt at IVF. How about tweak the medications first?? I received a second opinion and had much more positive results in terms of the meds doing their job. 13 eggs were retrieved, only 5 or 6 were mature and 3 fertilized on the last 2 IVF cycles. Both cycles were practically identical. Now I am in my 2WW and going nuts. I find out Mon 2-24-14. :? So if I can have that many eggs stimulated with my low AMH, I have faith you will be able to be stimulated no problem. Stay as positive as you can dear!! Wish You the best of luck on your journey ahead!! :D
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