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June / July 14 cycle ?

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June / July 14 cycle ?

Postby Sita » Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:38 am


I am going through treatment at the moment and just started Gonal F 300 IUs 2 days ago. Feeling bloated and tired. I would like to share experiences so that we can all help each other. I am having treatment at Lister Fertility Clinic in Chelsea.

Anyone else starting stimulation meds ? Would like to hear from you. I had a traumatic experience with MC last December so trying to be positive again..

Me=37, Hubby=42 (Male and Female factor)
3 IVFs -July 05 -ve, May 06 (OHSS), May 08 -ve
2 FETs - Dec 06 -BFP (MC) and June 07 -ve
4th IVF - fresh cycle - BFP :-) Beautiful DD is 4 yrs
5th IVF - Oct 13 - BFP - MC at 7 weeks :(
6th IVF - June / July 14
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Re: June / July 14 cycle ?

Postby hellsbells » Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:19 pm

Hi Sita, I am on my 2ww atm... d3p5dt...how are you getting on now? wishing you all the best for this cycle.
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