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Over 40 ivf success rate

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Over 40 ivf success rate

Postby Dragonfly » Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:55 pm

Hi everyone

I'm new here, thought I would join. I have my transfer in Saturday, I had three day five Compacted embryos transferred, I'm 42, the consultant told me with the three at the same stage I have a 20 % chance of a successful pregnancy. I'm not sure if this is a good chance or not?

After six miscarriages (past five years) and one failed ivf (this is our second ivf) I'm a little nervous, test day is Aug 6, just a week away and this time the longest week ever.

My cramps have stopped totally, breasts not to painful either just a slight headache but taking progesterone twice daily so I expect it's that causing headache.

I did hypnosis visualisation and acupuncture this time around and (last time only five with two to transfer on day two) I got 17 eggs, 12 fertilised and all made it to day five but then none didn't make it to blast so we've none to freeze, I have had the only three that were all compacted embryos verging on blast they said.

Anyone else had similar experience ?

Cautiously excited and also a little nervous, worried etc
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