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Just found out our transfer is on Wednesday. I need advice

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Just found out our transfer is on Wednesday. I need advice

Postby lgnaden » Sun Aug 17, 2014 7:11 pm

Had my ultrasound and labs today and the ultrasound showed several 17s on my right side and several 15 & 16s on the left. Our office we are using likes to take them at 18 minimum. Got the call from the office the dr wants me to take meds for another day. I'm already cramping a bunch. Is there anything to help with cramping that won't hurt our chances of success.

Also, was told it will be a 3 day transfer so I will have transfer on Saturday and I'm scared out of my mind. This is our first cycle and I have been seeing so much on the do's and don'ts. From experience has anyone found anything to work better.
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Re: Just found out our transfer is on Wednesday. I need advi

Postby Hondo2013 » Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:01 pm

Hi... Don't be scared.. You should be excited. I am undergoing my second round of IVF currently. My first round I was in the same state of mind you are in. Freaked out.. searching the web... I was always thinking about it 24/7. What should I do.. what should I not do... I did get pregnant on my first round of IVF, but miscarried around 3 months. I was devastated.... Looking back I realized I spent a lot of time stressing about it. Trust me....I know it's hard to do.. but just relax. I think it's better for the transfer and the baby if you just relax and think happy thoughts. For me...this round of IVF, I have been so loose and carefree. I'm not stressing out about what I should do and what I shouldn't do and when I find myself thinking about the procedure.. I just start picturing my baby boys.. (my husband and I are convinced we are going to have twins) So my advice to you after the transfer is to go get your hair done.. spend a day at the spa get a facial... mani/pedi... do whatever you need to do to stay relaxed..... oh..and eat lots of pineapple.. "They" say pineapple has bromine in it and that helps the embryo stick to your uterus..... It's probably some old wives tale..but who doesn't like pineapple!! haha.... I wish you all the best of luck in the world and sending happy thoughts your way!!!
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Re: Just found out our transfer is on Wednesday. I need advi

Postby chasingbabydust » Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:16 pm

Good luck on your transfer. I agree with the pineapple. When I did my frozen transfer I purchased a pineapple and cut it into 5 equal parts. I ate a part the day of the transfer and the following 4 days. It is important to eat the core not just the outer portion. I got a BFP on my frozen but sadly miscarried. Good luck to you
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