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Anybody had previous experience with gofundme

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Anybody had previous experience with gofundme

Postby seb&amy » Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:46 am

We are a couple from Houston, Texas. We had an unsuccessful IUI treatment and recently we have participated in a new drug trial for IVF. After having shots for 3 weeks of lupron, my wife couldn't lower her estrogen levels to the level required for the study that is under 25.
We have spent so much money already. We are ran out of our savings and now we are using our credit cards. very terrifying situation.
a lot of people are getting donations from anonymous donors, friends relatives etc. We have set an account but we can not figure it out how to share it with people that is not in our circle.
If anybody has any advice in how to collect donations it will be a great help. We never did anything like it before and we dont know where to start.Our profile can be seen here

I really appreciate any comments or advises
Thanks a lot
Seb and Amy
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Re: Anybody had previous experience with gofundme

Postby chasingbabydust » Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:24 pm

My husband and I are starting from scratch for the second time as well. The first cycle we set up a gofundme account but didn't have very much luck. We were hoping on the anonymous donors but they never came. Most of the money came from family and friends. I would tell my friends that every $5 does add up :D also if they can't donate ask them to share the link for you. Possibly, if they can't one of their friends will. But in the end we went and got a personal loan through the bank. If you can or do decide to go get a personal loan make sure that you meet with a Female loan officer. They tend to try harder for you because they have empathy for your situation. My loan officer actually started crying. Also,research financing and med discount programs. I got a good deal with Compassionate Care and First Steps. They are really helping out with the cost of meds. Good luck
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Re: Anybody had previous experience with gofundme

Postby xqzmoi26 » Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:29 pm

No experience with gofundme, but the discount programs First Steps and New Life have saved us 50% on our medications.
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