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Postby sumitasofat » Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:45 am

Today, fertility experts usually provide us with statistics on female fertility and rapid decline from thirty-five years. Now, Dr. , department head of reproductive medicine, has added his voice to theirs, publishing news has written to the Secretary for Education, Nicky Morgan, asking strongly in the schools adolescents the facts and actual data on age and reproduction is taught. ''Ideally, if a woman is ready to have a child, try it when you have thirty years. "

His comments have sparked a discussion with parents concerned that sex education promotes the get pregnant now, after teaching generations of students that pregnancy is something to be avoided.The fact that from an early age the young are taught all about sex and reproduction and how to avoid pregnancy, conditioning them to see a pregnancy as a barrier to happiness and prosperity. Indeed, although having a child can be frustrating projects a teenage mother they should also know that having a child when you are ready for it is a cause for celebration.
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