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Ukraine !!

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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby JasieC » Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:54 pm

So many topics about Ukraine, that means I made a good decision to go with this country!
I do BioTexCom in Kiev,
I have the Ideal Package, the most appropriate for me, egg donation with transfer to surrogacy (in case the attempts fail) :roll: but I hope it wouldn't happen :D
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby kage » Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:15 am

Hi guys,

I can recommend the Clinic of professor Feskov in Kharkov

From site:
"Clinic of professor Feskov (Ukraine, Kharkov) is specialized medical centre of men’s and women’s infertility curing. The Centre was founded on 1995. In our Clinic there are specialists with great experience of work in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). The Clinic is equipped by modern medical facilities. There are comfortable conditions for outpatient and in-patient examinations. "
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby daniellaW » Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:12 am

will recommend to use Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center if you go for egg donation or surrogacy, or need both :!:
I am using their assistance too and will be glad if someone will have the same nice experience! go@perfect-surrogacy.com
or webpage perfect-surrogacy.com you can find phone in contacts.
actually I have very quick contact via Viber and skype - perfectsurrogacy
ask for Anna:)
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby Melissa8 » Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:54 pm

Hello girls! I'm happy to find this thread. So many successful stories from Ukraine! I had ed ivf there too. My girls are 3 yo. The thing is I was 60 yo and it was really hard to find good clinic without age limits. We contacted so many clinics and we were so happy when BioTexCom agreed to take us into donation program. The service was good, their doctors are one of the best. They even helped us with our girls, when they were just born. Jorge and I were confused, we had no kids so we were scared to make something wrong. We didn't want to hurt our little babies. We didn't know how to hold our children and how to swaddle them, but the pediatrician and the coordinator of the program really helped us and showed how to do it right. They gave us recommendations how to treat our babies and we are really grateful about that. I've never regret about my decision. We chose package called 'Guaranteed success' for €9 900. This package includes 5 attempts. I’ve got pregnant from the first attempt!The service was pretty good, they gave us guarantees on success. We were satisfied with everything. We were met in the airport and taxi was carrying us across Kiev. We were provided with comfortable apartment with all needed facilities. Also we had a manager. She was translating for us and answering all our questions. There were no misunderstandings at all. We were never asked to pay some extra fees! We paid only that single price, which was set in our contract. We gave our doctor list with all features we want our donor to have. For example, eye color, hair, nose shape etc. They gave us 3 variants. We chose the most suitable donor for us. Our children look very similar to us! No one can ever tell they are not mine!
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby xenia » Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:48 pm

I will have no hesitation in recommending eggdonationfriends. com, that lists clinics around the world offering ed
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby SaRaaa » Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:37 pm

Hello girls! My dh and I have also chosen Ukrainian biotexcom. I have PCOS and unfortunately treatment didn't work at all. So the only solution was using donor eggs. Now I'm in the very beginning of the process. My dh and I just came back from Ukraine. We had our first meeting with the doctor of biotexcom clinic. There are many reviews about this clinic, that's why we chose it. there were really many couples. I think it shows that clinic is popular among infertile couples. We made all needed tests. Also we gave characteristics of desirable donor to our doctor. We want our donor to look like me. The representative of the clinic met us in the airport. Then taxy was carrying us across Kiev, including the clinic. We were provided with comfortable apartment and food supply. Also we had a manager, who was translating for us. All these services is already included into our package. We've chosen 'success' package. We'll have 5 attempts. In case of five unsuccessful attempts the clinic will return us money. Our package costs 9 900 euros. We paid 4 550 euros during this visit, after we signed contract. I'm so nervous! Can't wait to go to the clinic for embryos transfer.
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby milaSM » Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:35 am

Hi girls! Due to condition of my health de ivf is my last chance to have a baby. It’s so hard for me to decide on this procedure. I have so many questions and thoughts. I couldn't even suggest that Ukraine is a good place to do de ivf. I have some doubts about this country. But your reviews persuaded me to look more into this option. Also prices seem very reasonable. Thanks for information!
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby vaiybora » Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:44 am

Your topic is very useful,Thanks for your sharing. :D :D


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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby beth_brown » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:25 am

We are considering BioTexCom after a lot of deliberation. What stood out for us is that they offer great prices with various packages. This is clinic is definitely to be condsidered if you are planning for egg donation abroad. Good luck.
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby pappies » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:18 am

@sriche My sister went for IVF in Kiev at the biotexcom clinic there. You do not have to worry about where to stay as they provide accommodation, transport as well as meals. She also got a housemaid and cook and you get to choose the apartment you live in depending on your budget.
I'd say quite a number of people are heading to Kiev for help with infertility. Many of them attest to excellent service at unbelievable cost.
Before going there my sister had tried a number of places in the UK but decided to try out the place after a word from a friend who got twin boys from there.
No matter your decision be sure to secure a good place to stay ahead of traveling. You do not want to get stuck at a new place without an abode, do you? Especially when going for such a personal service such as this.Then again it might be more reasonable to have the clinic find one for you if they offer the service.
Good luck to you!
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby CeciliaT » Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:04 pm

Hi ladies... happy to know there are other women who chose Ukraine too! I highly recommend it as well because I'm having a really good experience there. My clinic is BioTexCom, and I went for surrogacy with donor egg (which I chose from their database). The surrogate mother was matched by them. 1 out of 3 fertilized embryos were transferred to our surrogate mother and we are now waiting for our baby to be born. I'm super anxious.. but trusting in God that this time everything will be ok.
During all this process we just travel to Ukraine 3 times and we felt really in good hands all the time. They are very professional. We didn't have to worry about anything as they also accommodated us. The friendly and warm attention is another plus.
Please, feel free to contact me if you need more details... I will be happy to tell you my full experience x
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Re: Ukraine !!

Postby Shank_D » Wed Aug 29, 2018 7:15 pm

mardour wrote::D

I just wanted to let everyone know about the clinic I went to in Kiev, Ukraine for egg Donation. I know, it sounds mad, but we didn't want to spend years trying to find and prepare a donor. We took a huge leap of faith, and went out to Kiev.

Wow is all I can say! We were surprised at the level of facilities- better than I have seen in the UK. We could no believe the price, and the fact that there was no waiting list.

Anyway, the only thing that really matters is results - We have a breathtakingly lovely, healthy son!

I wish we had know before about this clinic, we could have saved ourselves YEARS of agony, heartbreak and pain.


Congratulations on having a baby and winning the war against! :) I hope your success inspire many more women who've been suffering from infertility or in a dilemma about donor conception to take the leap of faith and do what it takes to have a baby. Yes, Ukraine has been a breakthrough in affordable and dependable clinically assisted fertility procedures. I think when the hopes seem slim one must muster the courage and look for reproductive tourism. Lotus clinic, yes that's the name where my friend got her dreams of having a baby fulfilled. She has to have a hysterectomy as her severe dysmenorrhoea got worse and even medication couldn't help her. Only 2 years later did she found a guy for life and once they were settled they wanted baby and opted for the surrogacy. Obviously, she didn't have another choice and both of knowing it, it was easier to take the call. But as usual, the financial constraints were huge in US so they decided to look out for clinics abroad and landed up with Lotus Clinic. Last year she had her twin boys, they are biologically the parents both of them. It feels happy and hopeful to hear such stories!
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