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3 failed cycles with no explaination from doctor.

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3 failed cycles with no explaination from doctor.

Postby HouseMouse » Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:33 pm

Hello everyone,

My wife and I are both healthy, fertile, and under 30. After having 3 boys we decided to try IVF/PGD for a girl.

For our first cycle we started with 28 healthy eggs. 17 fertilized. Count dropped to 8 on day 3, then 3 on day 5. All were boys at a "low B grade". The doctor told us that he had no idea what had happened and offered to waive his fee for round two.

Second cycle we started with 32 eggs. He mentioned that the sperm appeared "Lazy" but would be perfectly fine. He decided to implant the sperm just in case. 18 fertilized. Count dropped to 8 by day 3, than 1 on day 5. It was a boy at a "low B grade". Again, he said that he had "no idea what had happened." He offered to waive his fee again and provide most of the medication for round 3. Obviously frustrated with the second "I don't know what happened" answer, I asked for the records from lab and he told me that there were none. I thought that was kind of weird...... But he is one of the best doctors in California (we were making the 5 hour drive for each appointment :( ). We were still optimistic and the low cost of round 3 reduced a lot of the stress.

So here we go again. Round 3. 40 eggs! We were a bit worried about the "Lazy" sperm so we decided to do half with mine and half with donor sperm. Day 3 was looking good. 35 had fertilized. Day 5...... 3 from my half and 1 from the donors half. 1 from mine was a girl, which didn't make it through day 6. And guess what.....yep......."I have no idea what happened". Thinking there may have been some sort of miscommunication the last time, I asked for all of the records. No records from the lab.

Could that be true? It is a medical procedure. How can they not keep records? Do they just throw the eggs and sperm in a dish all willy nilly and hope for the best? Even if, for whatever reason, the fertilization process was undocumented, there has to be SOMETHING from the PGD....... Right?
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Re: 3 failed cycles with no explaination from doctor.

Postby rahulkumar123 » Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:20 am

feeling very bad about you .. go for the right doctor
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