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New to game

Post by Ohm2017 » Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:25 pm

Hi guys, forgive me but I'm new to all this. Husband and I have been trying naturally since getting married 4 months ago. I had been on the pill for years. I quit the day of the wedding and never got a period. I finally went to my obgyn and my FSH was 52.8 with estradiol at 28. Technically post menopausal, though they are not suggesting that I am PM for some reason. Only that I have DOR. I saw the RE, who said I would have the best chance of bringing a baby home with a DE. I have two follicles. I'm 38. I'm not really opposed to a DE, but I'm dreading the cost and would like to try naturally or with lower tech first. Is my case extreme? They don't know what day I was on in my cycle because I haven't had one, and the ob said it could fluctuate but that she didn't see it getting under 10. I feel like I should get a second opinion and also get my numbers run again. Right now I really just want to talk to someone because we are choosing to keep it to ourselves right now, and I want badly to talk to other women who have had the same experiences. Doc says I have probably had DOR for years, but it was masked by Seasonique bcp. Really just curious what other women with my particular numbers have done and what people recommend. Looking into acupuncture to see about developing primordial follicles maybe.

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Re: New to game

Post by gwinnyblack » Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:41 am

welcome here! :)
I was just wondering.. isn't your Fsh too high? I am sure you would want to have kids on your own but isn't stimulating with this level of FSH is too dangerous?

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