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ED and Early Menopause

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ED and Early Menopause

Postby springwoman » Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:37 pm

Hi, there! I’ve decided to post here as I need some help. I feel a little bit trapped and can’t make my mind what to do further. The thing is I have some problems with my fertility. I was diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve nearly a year ago. My gyny says that I may even face the first signs of menopause soon. I think it’s a hereditary issue as my mom also had some problems with her periods. She gave birth to me when she was 26 and started to have the first problems with her periods when she was 34. I have the same problems. Firstly, I started to have shot delays between my menstrual cycles. Then the delays became longer and longer. I had menstruation only 6 times this year. The problem is I’m childless and want to become mum very much. Is there anybody here who has the problems? How did you manage to conceive? Did you use medications or natural remedies?
P.S. My gyny recommends me to try egg donation. She says that ED IVF will give me much more chances to conceive. We have already visited one fertility clinic. It’s situated overseas. The clinic seems to be a reputable one and is much discussed on various fertility forums. We decided to deal with this clinic as it has very reasonable prices and we liked the package of services they offered to us. However, when we visited them, we were a little bit puzzled. The clinic’s halls were too overcrowded. There wasn’t even a vacant place to stand. We had to wait nearly two hours before the fertility specialist was ready to meet us. We spent nearly 45 min in the fertility specialist’s office as she asked too many questions and investigated the results of our health tests very attentively. We also visited one more fertility clinic. The things were quite different there. The clinic was empty, but I didn’t like the fertility specialist who worked there. I think she was too soothing. I don’t like such people. Now we have to make a decision which clinic to choose. Do you have any clues which clinic to choose?
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Re: ED and Early Menopause

Postby xenia » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:35 am

Hi, I am sorry y haven't been happy with a clinic. I know that overseas ivf clinics offer great service at reasonable price. A few friends of mine have undergone ivf at amazing ivf clinic in Gdansk, and have been extremely happy with the service and treatment they got.
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Re: ED and Early Menopause

Postby Veronica » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:16 pm

Hi, hun! I’m really sorry to hear about your struggles of getting pregnant. If you have a low ovarian reserve, ED may become a nice solution for you. You may also try to improve your health by leading a healthy lifestyle and practicing a healthy diet. I have a close friend who managed to conceive after reducing her weight with the help of a healthy lifestyle. You may also try some herbal medications. Some of them do make miracles.
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