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Thank goodness it is back!

Discussion forum for those who had completed their IVF treatments without a successful outcome and are seeking other options such as adoption, surrogacy etc.

Thank goodness it is back!

Postby becky » Mon May 05, 2003 7:10 pm

Just wanted to say..how much I missed this thread..I was worried when the site came back up after the hackers and all but this thread was up and running...but I was patient and good things come to those that wait..<br><br>love Becky B
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Thank goodness it is back!

Postby Tracey S » Tue May 06, 2003 1:58 pm

Becky<br><br>good to see this back - how are you?<br><br>Love<br>Tracey<br>xx
ttc 9 years. 38 yrs old, dh 8 hrs younger!First IVF in Aug 2002 and had ectopic.2nd IVF neg.3rd FET and negative.4th FET and positive but sadly lost our little boy at 20 weeks.5th FET and Alice Isobel and Emily Charlotte born 5th Aug 2004!
Tracey S
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Thank goodness it is back!

Postby Traci » Wed May 07, 2003 7:25 am

Me too Hows things with you?<br><br><br>Trace x
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2nd cycle own eggs Neg
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Going to have sisters eggs Feb 06
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Thank goodness it is back!

Postby fiona_lk » Wed May 07, 2003 9:46 am

Me too Becky - hows the housey thing going?<br><br>Lots of Love <br><br>Fiona xxx
Me:36 Dh:46, ttc 5+yrs, M/F (96% abnormal).
13 unsuccessful Txs From 2000 [4xClomid (NHS), 7xIUI(d)s & ICSI#1 (MFS), ICSI#2 (MFS) Oct 02 (ectopic)] Natural pg Jan 03 m/c 5.5wks
ICSI#3 (CARE) +ve boy (Xander) EDD 21/03/04 - so excited!!!!!!
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Thank goodness it is back!

Postby becky » Wed May 07, 2003 8:33 pm

Hi Girls<br><br>Sorry for the delay but I don't come on the site every day..decided that it wasn't doing me any good..<br>The new house is fab..and we are very happy..the cats are taking their time to settle in ..and a nasty cat came into the house and attacked one last week so we had to go to the vets and have him<br>put back together so they are being kept in until we catch the nasty one!<br>Dh and I and my parents are off to Cornwall at the weekend for the week..going to be nice weather I hope as it is my birthday on Sunday so we hope to have a BBQ. The weekend after in Dh and My 2nd wedding anniversary so we are off tio a nice hotel which should be nice - hope to put the spark back in..as nooky since failed IVF has been rather limited to say the least.<br>It turns out that I may have endometriosis as I saw a top specialist last week and so I am having a laproscopy and also a thermal removal thing to take away any scar tissue - I am very annoyed to say the least that it wasnt detected before we went through 2 ICSI cycles..for health, financial and stress reasons..the specialist thinks that if it is bad as he thinks it is then the embryos didnt have a chance in hell of emplanting...so now we are male and female factor. Incase you are wandering I only went to see this guy because of very bad periods and it was coincidence that I am having the tests done..as it is not being done from the fertility angle..DH and I have decided to adopt and have put in our application now and have our first meeting middle of June...we are definately never having any more IVF treatment again..however if his count did ever increase we may consider IUI without drugs..but who knows?<br>Right chatted enough and I must get on a pack for holiday..<br>Love Becky B
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Thank goodness it is back!

Postby Helen S » Thu May 08, 2003 7:20 am

Hi everyone<br><br>Becky - are you the Becky who was getting a golden retriever puppy called Burt?<br><br>If you are the same one (I get confused so many Beckys' so many Helens'!!) then let me know how he is getting on.<br><br>If you can remember we have a chocolate Lab called Bliss who is now 4 momnths old and a complete sweetie. She has started puppy training classes and is doing really well.<br><br>Some of the dog owners on this web site were an absolute godsend to me when we first got her and Nikola from the site is my very own personal dog guru!!<br><br>So, if it is you and you are still getting Burt, then anything you want to ask, let me know.<br><br>Hope you have a fab holiday in Cornwall and good luck with sorting out the endo problems.<br><br>Lots of love<br>Helen.<br>xx
Helen S
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Re: Thank goodness it is back!

Postby Unicorn988 » Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:27 pm

was worried when the site came back up after the hackers and all but this thread was up and running...??

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Re: Thank goodness it is back!

Postby rahulkumar123 » Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:55 am

yes .. I am happy for you
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Re: Thank goodness it is back!

Postby kakasmall » Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:48 pm

interesting post!we love visiting in your site...we will come back soon.

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