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Decreasing Sperm Count now 0

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Decreasing Sperm Count now 0

Postby BRMommy2B » Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:23 am

DH had a varicocelectomy in November after a failed IVF round. We just had our follow up SA and it can back at 0. I requested records from our clinic from our past cycles, and it was 7 million in Feb 2009, 3 million in October 2009, 2.2 million in August of 2012, and now 0. Is a sharp decline common, and does it generally mean something else is going on? The urologist told us the varicocele was as bad as they get and while it may not eliminate our need for IVF, it should certainly help some parameters. This was the last thing we were expecting. I wish we had been more on top of the decline, as our clinic didn't really tell us numbers since we were doing ICSI. Wish so badly we would have frozen some a while back. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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Re: Decreasing Sperm Count now 0

Postby selimalkoc » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:14 am

If you’re a man who has found that his sperm count is low—or perhaps you’re worried about testicular cancer or are dealing with a lowered libido—you may be able to improve your outlook by eliminating most of the estrogen mimickers from your diet and environment.

Do not assume that the damage is done and there is nothing you can do about it. You may have been born with a sperm count that’s less than your father’s—but that’s no reason to aggravate the problem. Though you may have been bequeathed a lowered sperm count as a result of environmental toxins, that alone does not mean you’re destined to be without children or are fated to contract testicular cancer. The outlook can be dramatically improved by learning what to avoid.

In general: All plastics should be removed from your environment. Food should not be wrapped or stored in plastics. Drinks and foods in plastic containers must be avoided. Meats must be organic to assure that they are not adulterated with Agribusiness’s animal-fattening hormones. And soy, other than fermented products, should be eliminated from the diet.

There are five general areas to focus on:

Soy: Less than a hundred years ago, soy was grown for industrial uses, not as a food. It was believed, rightly, to be a poison. Of course, Agribusiness managed to change the public’s perception, so it came to be viewed as a health food. In fact, it’s not—with the exception of fermented soy, such as soy sauce, miso, and tempeh.To improve your masculine health, avoid non-fermented soy products. That especially includes soy isoflavones and other soy protein powders that are frequently taken by body builders.
Hormones in Foods: If a meat is not defined as organic, then you must assume that the animal was fed hormones to increase its weight, most of which is water, not protein. Along with the extra water, you also get estrogens. That is what you need to avoid. Your chances of fathering a child are reduced if you eat factory-farmed meat.
Pesticides: Be glad that DDT has been banned. It contains an estrogen mimicker. However, there are many others in use today on food crops. They are among the greatest offenders of male reproductive health. To mitigate against your testicular cancer risk, eat only organic veggies and fruits.
Hormones in the Environment: If you live near or downstream of a plant that produces chemicals, pesticides, or plastics, then it’s likely that residues including ersatz estrogens are being discharged into the environment. Water in such areas is likely to be polluted. Virtually all water supplies are now polluted with drug residues that are literally peed out by people, and these include estrogens.The best solution is to install a whole-house water filter, which will protect you from chemical absorption during baths, showers, and any other water immersion. Water is ingested not only through the mouth, but is also absorbed through the skin. The best type is probably reverse-osmosis, which will remove virtually every dangerous element. Do not assume that bottled water is safe. Much of it is identical to the tap water of the area it comes from,impurities and all.
Plastics: Plastics are everywhere! It has replaced virtually every natural substance we use, and to our detriment. Plastics are made from petroleum and carry much of its toxicity, and many contain estrogen mimickers.Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate all plastics, but removing them from one area of your life will probably remove the vast majority of plastic toxicity. Keep plastics away from foods. Don’t wrap leftovers in plastic. Don’t store leftovers in plastic containers. Don’t use plastic utensils or bowls.

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Re: Decreasing Sperm Count now 0

Postby rahulkumar123 » Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:50 am

stop smoking and using alcoholic agents
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Re: Decreasing Sperm Count now 0

Postby kakasmall » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:53 am

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