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help anyone?

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help anyone?

Postby erikapaul » Mon Dec 18, 2017 8:53 am

"Hi everyone,
I got a lightning in a dark. Doctors said that I could be a mother through surrogacy. Anyone, please tell me how to check this method's expense. How successful this method is. Is it going to be good for me or It is just going to leave me with other methods. I am so much worried. Happy though. But I don't think what to do here?? help anyone??
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Re: help anyone?

Postby Gia9 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:03 pm

Irrespective of other factors that affect the success rate of any clinically assisted fertility process, Surrogacy has the highest rate of success compared to IVF. However, an individual's chance of success is mostly dependent on their specific infertility issues and the clinic. Do you know what exactly has been the cause of infertility in your case? Usually, surrogacy is the last resort for any couple who have been TTC for years without much success.. unless of course the infertility is uterus related or there are major health problems with the biological mother (usually cardiac) hardly anyone moves to surrogacy without trying IVF. The cost of surrogacy varies from both place to place (countries I mean) as well as from clinic to clinic if it's a private one. In US it costs between 90,000 to 120,000 USD, in UK it's around 20,000 GBP in private clinics and there are countries that offer affordable surrogacy if you can manage the travel. Google can help for the price comparison, drop an email to the clinic and they will provide you with a tentative quote for the Surrogacy process and then you can easily compare. I'm on my IVF journey so don't really have much to offer on surrogacy really. However, keep in mind these two things when checking for clinics - that the clinic covers for any pregnancy loss caused by the surrogate and mentions this along with other tricky clauses that may have hidden costs (you're not supposed to incur huge bills). WIsh you luck for the fertility road ahead, may you find the right clinic too soon. :)
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Re: help anyone?

Postby Anna-WWW » Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:11 pm

To say truth, surrogacy is still pretty expensive. There are some countries, which offer pretty affordable prices for this service. For example, you can choose the reproduction center in Europe. The quality of the medicine there is very high. And the prices are pretty low.
I know that surrogacy really works. You should use it if you are unable to get pregnant. It is a safe way to get a baby without getting pregnant. The embryo will be transferred to an outside woman and in 9 months you will get a baby. Doctors will take care of everything for you. Well, this is how it happened in my case. I was lucky enough to choose a good reproduction center. They helped me to make my dream come true.
So, I want you to do everything in the right way. Good luck, dear.
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