feeling discouraged

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feeling discouraged

Post by faithrose » Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:28 pm

I'm 36, my husband and I TTC for a year, had one chemical pregnancy, and I was told everything was fine because at least I got pregnant once, even if it didn't take. Then I moved for work, and saw a RE specialist, who told me that I had low ovarian reserve, and we needed to go straight to IVF. Have been through one cycle, had dramatically low estrogen throughout, but made it to retrieval. Had four follicles with two eggs harvested, which became two grade A embryos. My clinic wanted to try to implant right away since we only had two, so we tried a fresh Day 3 transfer with no success. I'm Day three of our second cycle, and started bleeding pretty bright red on Day 1. Was told that this was withdrawl for the ten days of OCPs I had taken, but I'm still lightly bleeding. My doc says it's all fine, but this didn't happen the first time. I also really feel no symptoms. Go in for my second US tomorrow. Just feeling really scared and didn't know if anyone else had experienced the same.


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Re: feeling discouraged

Post by Emily_rose » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:04 am

Hello Faithrose
Don't be stressed. Our body undergoes various changes while IVF like bleeding, spotting, disturbed menstrual and ovulation. Remember that the starting day of your periods. Day 1 of your cycle is just a marker which informs the doctor that you are ready to start your super-ovulation. The bleeding is just the shedding of the old uterine lining and has no impact on the IVF treatment itself. If you experience bleeding while treatment or after the egg collection. This is because the doctor has stuck a needle through your vaginal wall in order to retrieve your eggs. This is usually minimal, and stops very soon. The bleeding which comes from the cervix and will not harm your embryos. Excessive bleeding is extremely unusual and if you do experience this, you should report to your doctor. Hope you find it helpful.

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Re: feeling discouraged

Post by Ressia » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:57 am

Hello, Faithrose! Do not be discouraged because of few failures. Do not forget that at the end of a dark tunnel, there is light. Keep looking forward. Your baby will come at the right time.

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Re: feeling discouraged

Post by Sia » Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:27 pm

Hii dear,
I know you are anxious at this time. But don't get afraid because during the treatment sometimes these can happen naturally As you told you're still lightly bleeding.But think about what your doctor also said that it's all fine. If your doc found any risk then they can tell you about it.Because doctor will not take the risk of patient's health.My sister had faced the same situation.She had got the IVF from the BiotexCom clinic.Her first cycle was failed due to some health issues.But she didn't lose her hope and try for another attempt.This time she got the success.I know its tough but you should manage yourself at this time.Don't get afraid and be positive. Everything will be fine.

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Re: feeling discouraged

Post by Ghost » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:17 pm

Sia wrote:She had got the IVF from the BiotexCom clinic.
Do you like my new signature? Google should find it 4000+ times now.
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Re: feeling discouraged

Post by KattyH » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:05 am

Hi there, it's so obvious to feel scared and discouraged after the ordeal you had - I can totally relate! :( However, if it's just a few drops so far you need not worry for now. Dr says it all normal to have a spotting during the pregnancy and even in the advanced stage - as long as it stays as a few drops here and there, it's okay. I didn't have any spotting for IVF and when I had during my natural TTCs it shortly turned heavy. But sometime later my sister had it too and panicked, that time we took her to the hospital and after all the check and stuff they said everything is fine - everything was fine thereafter. She was around 20 weeks pregnant at that time and delivered a healthy baby. So, yeah though I wasn't much lucky I guess but sis had it that way. I can reassure you that as long as it does not get heavier or anything you can relax for now. You should relax for now hoping things will be okay unless proven otherwise - your emotional stability is important for the pregnancy now. Wish you great health and luck with the baby! :) XOXO

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Re: feeling discouraged

Post by glendakim » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:03 pm

Hi Dear! I know it must really have been hard for you. But, yeah! Stay strong! I hope it will work out for you sooner or later! Don't lose the hope. BEST of luck!

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Re: feeling discouraged

Post by jessiep12 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:49 pm

Hello, Dear faithrose! I am extremely sorry about your condition. I hope you find this at your good. IVF is a tough procedure, women who undergo this procedure might suffer from various changes happening in their body during IVF. In your case, there is nothing to worry about as its just a few drops of blood. If the doctor says you are doing fine, then you must believe the doctor. However, if you are still not satisfied then perhaps get a second expert opinion? Sometimes it is better to take an opinion from various doctors before the condition gets worst. Is your clinic providing quality treatment? Make sure the medical staff of your clinic is efficient and experienced. Right now you need to stay relaxed and hope for the best. Excessive stress or worrying will harm your baby. Maybe start meditating on a daily basis. This would help you flush out all the negative thoughts from your mind. Just stay positive and don't lose hope. Things will work out for you in a good way. Keep us updated hun xx

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