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Mitochondrial donation... an alternative to donor conception

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Mitochondrial donation... an alternative to donor conception

Postby Shank_D » Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:05 am

As intended parents struggling with infertility where the only option is donor egg conception is indeed a tough decision to make. Not that everyone is reluctant of the DE+IVF because of social ridicule but sometimes it's more so assuming the possibility of resentment in the child while growing up. I've also heard women worried about the fact that maybe the child will go to the donor or have an urge to be with them due to their biological link abandoning the Intended Parents. Well, though none of these is any distant reality in most of the cases the dilemma of DE conception seems neverending. Thanks to the advent of medical science... DE conception probably is soon to be a history. The new technology of Mitochondrial donation to rejuvenate the egg from the IM is working very efficiently. The research studied also suggests that the success rate of MST is almost double to that of the previously used pronuclear transfer (PNT) as well. Another benefit of this process is that it can literally rule-out chances of passing on some genetic diseases or syndrome. I hope this information is able to give new hope to women who happen to come across it. Good Luck all!!
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